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How does the traffic installment handling fee calculator calculate? List of calculation process of t

when it comes to installment, we all know that the installment usually requires the service charge. Unless the merchant introduces the installment and zero interest installment, many netizens don't know how to calculate the traffic installment service charge calculator recently? Let's take a look at the calculation process of traffic installment service charge.

although the cash installment of Bank of Communications credit card can be divided into three stages, six stages, 12 stages and 24 stages, its handling rate is between 0.25% and 0.93%. The specific handling rate will be determined according to different stages. For example, if it is divided into 12 stages, its handling rate of cash installment is 0.75%.

Bank of Communications credit card cash installment handling fee = total amount of cash installment & times; cash installment handling fee. For example, if you want to cash 10000 yuan in installments and then divide into 12 installments, the handling fee you need to pay for each installment is 75 yuan.

It should be noted that today's Bank's cash installment service fee is collected by installments and installments, and even if you pay in advance after handling today's Bank's cash installment business, the installment service fee previously paid will not be returned to you, and the installment service fee of the remaining installments will also be paid in a lump sum with the remaining amount.

Extended data:

Phased services:

(1) 100% of the installment principal is included in the minimum repayment amount

During the period of installment payment (including easy access to loans and classification if you want), after the bill is issued, the total amount of the principal and handling fees recorded in installments in the current period will be included in the minimum repayment amount, and the customer must pay attention to the repayment.

(2) Cancel the installment in advance and repay the remaining principal and handling fee in one time

The installment amount and installment number cannot be changed after the installment is handled successfully (including enjoying the loan well and dividing if you want to share); the customer can terminate the installment transaction in advance, but the remaining installment amount and handling fee must be repaid in a lump sum, and the handling fee collected will not be returned.