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What should I do if I forget the password in the suitcase? How to reset the password in the password

Now there are many people using the password box, which can help people better keep their belongings. But sometimes for careless Ma Daha, is it possible to forget what the password is and what to do if the password box forgets the password?

How to forget the password in the password box

Nowadays, there are a lot of petty thieves. In order to keep their belongings better, many people will buy a password box before going on business. But now people have to remember too many passwords. Forgetting passwords has become a common situation. When you forget the password of the password box, you can take the following unlocking methods:

1. First, we will drag the password box to a place with good light, and carefully observe the iron sheet under the password thumb wheel. Then you find a small gap. Turn all three gaps to the left, and then reduce the left side of each digital box by three (5), which is the password. But the secret keys of different brands of trolley boxes are different.

2. There are many ways to unlock the cipher box. The second way is to pull the cipher box to a place with strong light, point its runner into the sun, look into the gap of each runner, and then slowly focus on the runner. You can see that there are two depressions on the runner. Add 5 to the big depression, which is the cipher of this runner. For example, the depressions of three runners are respectively above 240, Its password is 795 (2 + 5 = 7,4 + 5 = 9,0 + 5 = 5).

3. When unlocking, we must pull the password box to a place with good light. If the light is very dark at home, we can use light and flashlight to help. The third method is: dial the number, observe carefully, one number in each group will show the gap, OK, just leave it in that position, and then find the other two groups (the password in the password box is generally three digits)

4. In order to better unlock the password box, you can also use some auxiliary tools, such as a screwdriver. We first use screwdriver and other tools to slowly open the part of the lock head, and then re install it. The password lock can be opened. This method is only applicable to some cases where the password box forgets the password.

5. If you can't break the password lock with the above methods, you can only use the unique skill. But this method takes a long time, which is from 000 to 999, until the password box is opened.

How to reset password in password box

Above we know how to crack the password lock of the password box, so how can we reset the password for the password box? For ordinary password boxes, you can first enter the original password, then press and hold the next key, and then enter the new password to manage the password settings and changes:

1. Press the "ා" key to wake up the computer board, press the "0" key twice, and then press the green button inside the door once, the buzzer will sound once, and the screen will display "-------".

2. After inputting any management password within eight digits, press the ා 'key to confirm, and the screen displays three beeps of' into 'buzzer, indicating that the personal password is successfully input.

3. If the password has been set, then the password setting will only change the original password.