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Lactating mothers need calcium and it's very important

Many Baoma insist on breastfeeding after childbirth. On average, they secrete more than 300 mg of calcium per liter of milk every day. The more milk is secreted, the more calcium is needed. That is to say, the more milk a baby drinks, the more calcium a mother loses. Moreover, if Baoma doesn't supplement calcium in time during postpartum lactation, it will easily lead to low back pain, cramps, loose teeth, osteoporosis and other 'meniscus diseases'! At the same time, the baby can't absorb enough calcium through milk, which will also affect tooth eruption, physical growth and nervous system development. So lactating mothers need calcium very much.

So, in order not to affect their own and children's health, how can lactating mothers supplement calcium?

First, it is suggested that Baoma drink at least 250 ml milk or 600 mg milk tablets every day to supplement 300 mg calcium needed in milk, while mothers can also drink a moderate amount of yogurt to improve their appetite.

Second, because of the influence of traditional ideas, many new mothers are not allowed to be affected by the wind. In fact, Baoma should take part in outdoor activities, bask in the sun, and do post natal health exercises to prevent the loss of her own bone mass and lead to osteoporosis.

Third, the mother of the month in the diet, to choose more beans or bean products, generally speaking, take about 100 grams of bean products, you can take 100 mg of calcium. At the same time, mothers can also eat sesame or sesame paste.

Fourth, due to the uncertain calcium content in food, Baoma should consult a professional doctor to supplement calcium when necessary.

In a word, the postpartum mother should make up for calcium. It's better to choose pure milk. If you don't like pure milk, you can choose yogurt. The calcium in yogurt is not only easy to be absorbed by people, but also can promote gastrointestinal movement, which is good for Baoma. At the same time, when Baoma buys liquid milk, it's best to choose fresh milk with short shelf life. Only in this way can we provide sufficient nutrition for the baby, only in this way can we provide sufficient nutrition for the baby, and at the same time, we can prevent the emergence of our own 'baby disease'.