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The fairy tales of Guangdong women marrying Belgian princes and becoming princesses are not all dece

I believe that many girls have a princess dream, hoping to become a beautiful princess and then meet a handsome prince. However, we also know that fairy tales are fairy tales after all. Ordinary people cannot become a real princess, and there are few princes.

However, curiosity returns to curiosity. With the growth of age, the ignorant girls begin to return to the 'reality': it's not so easy to meet a real prince, let alone 'marry a prince' & hellip;

However, there is a Chinese girl who unexpectedly became a princess by studying in Europe! Accidentally, her dream came true!

The girl's name is Li Ran. She was born in Meizhou, Guangdong Province on March 28, 1984. She graduated from Huizhou No.1 high school.

According to the memory of his former classmates, 'Li Ran has a cheerful personality, with short and fresh hair; at first glance, he gives a very sunny feeling; because of his good character, there are many pursuers in his first year of high school. At this point of view, the prince still has a good eye for choosing a wife & hellip;

Other students said, 'she plays piano 10! She works very fast', and is the type of 'often read comics and can take the first place in the whole level'. Her EQ and IQ are much higher than other students!

In a word, Li Ran is one of the most common and commonly known people in China!

From 2002 to 2006, Li Ran studied finance at Beijing Language and Culture University and got her bachelor's degree in economics. After graduating from the University, she chose to study abroad for further study -- first at Sorbonne University in Paris, studying French language and civilization;

After that, she went to the Paris Institute of higher management for an MBA in luxury marketing and management.

Li Ran is proficient in French as well as Chinese and English due to her short experience of studying abroad. Her excellent language talent has become a golden key for Li ran to open the social circle!

After graduating from the Paris Institute of higher management, Li Ran worked as an intern for one year in the Givenchy store; later, she worked in the two top luxury brand stores of Balencia and Fendi for sales; at that time, she did not know that the fate of her and the prince had been woven together by heaven.

In May 2009, Li Ran worked as a salesman in Fendi, while at that time, Prince Charles, the Belgian 'Leone family', was a designer in Paris.

First of all, let's talk about what kind of Prince this is and what kind of family the 'family of Leones' is.

The full name of Prince Charles, Charles & middot; lemolo & middot; Joseph & middot; Malcolm; was born on February 25, 1980, in Paris, France. His parents were Prince Leone and Princess Crowe.

The 'family of Leones' is one of the oldest and most famous nobles in Belgium. The present Belgian Royal family has only nearly 200 years of history, but the history of the 'Linas' can be traced back to the 11th century!

In terms of seniority, 'Belgian Royal family' is afraid to call grandpa to the 'Lennie family'

The current 'family of Leones' no longer enjoy the royal power, but still retain the' Prince title '; but this title, compared with Charles's own experience, is basically not worth mentioning! Because Prince Charles, very! Will! Earn! Money!

To be a designer and interior architect; to open a company with brother Edward, to do the project of 'construction and urban development of high-speed elevated railway'; to invest in land and do real estate business in the United States

In the summer of 2009, Li Ran, who was doing sales in Fendi, met the real prince. She touched the prince with her erudite and humorous words. The prince fell in love with her at first sight and asked for her contact information immediately. When she returned home, she couldn't wait to invite her out for dinner and movies. The two fell in love quickly

When the royal family knew the news and saw her photo, the whole family was confused!

How can the traditional royal family accept the alien woman hellip? However, after several meetings, Li Ran's excellent speech and knowledge immediately left a deep impression on everyone; and the future father-in-law and mother-in-law finally acquiesced in their love & hellip;

Maybe Li Ran is so excellent. After a year and a half of "quietly Mimi" love, Charles can't wait to propose to her, and Li Ran is happy to say yes!

This marriage has been blessed by the whole Belgian people & hellip;

In their eyes, Li Ran is an alien with black hair and yellow skin, but they are moved by her people friendly character and wise mind. Li Ran has become one of the most popular princesses in Belgium!

On the wedding day, the royal family made an exception for Li ran to wear a big red wedding dress in order to respect the traditional customs of Chinese brides! From this day on, Li Ran became the first asian princess in Belgian history!

Li Ran's classmates were shocked by the fact that they had become a princess. They couldn't even think of it. They said: 'the unreachable thing in the fairy tale of marrying a prince happened to their former classmates. They were shocked when they saw the news.'

However, the parties are quite calm and low-key. In 2012, Amadeo, a lovely mixed race prince, was born between the two men (the couple wanted to keep a low profile and never published photos of the Prince);

But because Charles's brothers had daughters, Amadeo became a natural successor to the family.

So it seems that Li Ran's paper has gone all the way. She has become a princess in her twenties. In her early thirties, her mother relies on her son's wealth. She is a low-key person and never wants to use the royal family's name to publicize and hype. But even so, compared with her sister-in-law and other royal princesses, Li Ran has been questioned a lot. The reason is that her beauty is not high!

If nothing else, Prince Charles's brother Edward, the wife he married, was a large-scale woman with gorgeous photos and full of drama. At that time, the wedding ceremony was also a variety of big pens.

Although Li Ran behaves gracefully in front of the public and looks like a "beauty" in the eyes of Westerners, compared with his sister-in-law, there are still many media mentioning Li ran as "ugly", "big mouth" and "ugly duckling" & hellip;

Unwilling to teach each other and continue to struggle

But Li Ran doesn't seem to care much about these external reports. After she married the prince and gave birth to the little prince, Li Ran did not like other princesses, either attend various occasions or live a noble life; on the contrary, the low-key Chinese princess is still trying to make money after marriage!

Li Ran studied luxury marketing and management when she was studying in France. After graduation, she learned all the way to apply it. According to LinkedIn, Li Ran has been the customer director of Europe's luxury Dior since 2013 and has settled in Shanghai;

As a successful woman, she was invited to join in vogue's special Chinese magazine in June and cooperated with Maserati;

He took his husband Charles back to his mother's home and visited the Penglai Academy of calligraphy and painting in Huizhou.

In 2014, the couple also inspected Shanghai Hexiang fruit and vegetable professional cooperative;

Anyway, you can say whatever you like and I can do whatever I need. In short, from her body, we can also see that knowledge changes fate!