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A collection of the best wishes for Christmas Eve 2018

Christmas Eve is coming, do you know? It is said that this custom is unique in China. So when we send apples, can we add some blessings? What are the blessings about Christmas? Let's get to know.

1. Secret notice: tonight, please lock the door, close the window, and make sure that the chimney is unobstructed. Santa Claus will make a home visit with good luck, auspiciousness, happiness and health. Please don't help the sleeping comrades. Socks must be put on the bed, waiting for the gifts to be put on. Have a good night!

2. A song I like very much: "I wish you peace"; a word I want to say often: you want peace; one thing I want to do often: keep you safe; one message I want to send often: send you safe. Christmas Eve is coming. I wish you a safe life.

3. I hold the crescent moon in my hand, with stars on my head, eyes full of autumn waves, rose in my mouth, and auspicious clouds on my feet. I fly to you with the sound of jingle in the thunder, just to give you a Christmas present and wish you a happy Christmas.

4. Pray for peace at peace night, accompany you with health and peace, and send you beautiful fruits of peace. From then on, I will give you peace blessings. I hope you will be beautiful, sweet, happy and round.

5. It's cold on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus runs into a dream, drives a safety sleigh, blesses the elk, wears a healthy red hat, and carries all the blessings I send you, and sends them to your dream. May you have a safe and healthy life on Christmas Eve.

6. On Christmas Eve, send apples to make you happy; on Christmas Eve, send jade bracelets to accompany you in a good life; on Christmas Eve, send gold locks to lock up more peace and happiness; on Christmas Eve, send gift boxes to bless life without setbacks. On Christmas Eve, I wish you a lot of peace and happiness.

7. There is a saying that I want to say every Christmas, but I can't hold it now because I have no chance. Please take away the stinky socks you left on my bed.

8. I have been puzzled by a question these days. You are not a chicken. Why do everyone wish you a merry Christmas?

9. In this charming Christmas, you hide at home and lay eggs, a pile of dinosaur eggs, and a small egg, pig, happy Christmas!

10. I have a good news to tell you: in the next few days, Christmas Eve, Christmas and new year's day are connected, followed by happiness, happiness, health and peace. Family, friendship, love and true feelings are closely related.

11. This text message is created by Santa Claus, written by happy, sent by happy, passed by lucky, invested by me and sent to your mobile phone in advance. Wish you a safe Christmas and a happy Christmas!

12. I am the snowflake falling on the Christmas tree, sending you warm blessings; I am the melodious bell on the Christmas night, bringing you greetings of peace. Wish you a merry Christmas and a safe night!

13. In the dark night, don't feel lonely, because with my blessing around you, no matter how far away you are, may peace turn into a little bit, flash in the night, flash in every day of your life, happy Christmas Eve.

14. On Christmas Eve, keep your family safe at the first time, your friends safe at the second time, your colleagues safe at the third time, your lover safe at the fourth time, and you safe at the last time. I wish you all the best on Christmas Eve!

15. White snowflakes are falling in the sky. In an instant, Christmas Eve comes again. I miss you for a long time. I don't know how you are. A little message brings deep affection to you. I wish you a happy Christmas Eve and a happy life!

16. The snow hasn't drifted, the deer bell hasn't rang; Christmas Eve hasn't arrived, and it's reported a few days later than Christmas. Gently blessing with warm greetings, has come in advance, I wish you all well, a wonderful Christmas mood!

17. Recently, Santa Claus has been infected with influenza. He asked me to work for him for one night, but there are so many friends. How can one night be enough? So I went to work ahead of time and gave you the blessings and gifts of Christmas Eve. I wish you a safe and happy year!

18. An apple on Newton's head makes the most brilliant moment of apple; 99 apples on your head make the most affectionate moment of apple. On Christmas Eve, be ready for a long time of peace and happiness!

19. On Christmas Eve, hide peace and taste Pingguo. Send you a red Pingguo, wish you good health and happiness! Send you a box of crispy Pingguo, wish your family a lot of happiness! Finally, send you a cart of Pingguo, wish you peace and all the best!

20. I pray for you all night, I fold a thousand paper cranes to pray for your safety, I bathe and change clothes devoutly to bless you. Christmas Eve, do you feel my sincerity. I wish you a happy Christmas Eve and a safe life!

21. On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus is singing, gently, slowly, happily, peacefully, happily and blessedly. With this singing, I wish you a happy Christmas and a good mood every day!

22. Send you a peace fruit, hidden in thousands of friendship. The fruit is red as the face, healthy and healthy without disease; the fruit is sweet as life, happy and happy. Guo'er represents my heart and gives you good luck. Happy Christmas Eve!

23. On Christmas Eve, you can have fewer gifts, but more peace. In life, you can have less gossip, but more blessings. Among friends, you can meet less, but more contacts. On Christmas Eve, I wish you a safe life and a happy Christmas!

24. The bells of Christmas Eve knock on the door of happiness for you. Nice old man, happy present for you. The good luck fairy in the snowflake brings you auspicious and auspicious meanings. The evergreen tree is full of youth wealth. They come together at the same time and wish you a merry Christmas!

25. Christmas Eve: send you Christmas flowers, red, representing the festive time; send you Christmas trees, green, symbolizing eternal joy; send you a Santa Claus, he said: this message is full of happiness. Fast, forward more happy!

26. Christmas Eve is full of stars and Christmas tree flowers. Happy and auspicious fruit, silver glittering with happiness. Candlelight flickers the future exhibition, the Christmas Song Qi wishes. A lifetime of peace, auspiciousness, and prosperity. Wish you a happy Christmas Eve!

27. The bell of Christmas Eve rings on the way. I'll send you a sincere Christmas tree, on which our friendship review flashes. It's filled with my blessing to you. Good luck will always take care of you. May you have a safe and happy life!

28. Make a good wish, wish you peace; construct a happy blueprint, surrounded by peace; write a series of good wishes, wish you peace; on Christmas Eve, pray for you with your hands together, wish you happiness, health and safety, and happy Christmas Eve!

29. Peace Bell wishes peace, health and happiness. Work smoothly needs safety, business is developed Qi Ping'an. One generation of life should be safe, and thousands of families are looking forward to it. I wish you peace all your life. Happy Christmas Eve!

30. The stars are shining in the sky, and good luck comes. Smiling face full of troubles, drinking, preparing, and playing. Chime Long harmony, SMS blessing around happiness. Christmas Eve is here. May you be happy and never worry!

31. On this Christmas Eve, give my most important person the most beautiful blessing. I really hope you are safe, happy, and beautiful! Come to me on a warm and cold Christmas night! Give me the cold, and leave you warm!

32. The gospel of the Lord Jesus: Be kind to those who send you text messages, invite them to dinner, play with them, buy gifts for them, and spend the money of sin on them to atone for their sins. The Lord Jesus loves you! Amen! Happy Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas!

33. Snowflakes flutter, bells strike, and I pray for you on Christmas Eve. Dancing and shaking, high voice, carnival night for you to enjoy. Greetings and best wishes for an early and happy Christmas. Wish you a merry Christmas!

34. This message is created by Santa Claus, written by happiness, sent by happiness, delivered by luck, invested by me, and delivered to your mobile phone in advance. Wish you a safe Christmas and a happy Christmas!

35. The snow is floating happily, the reindeer is running fast, my blessing jumps on the sleigh, comes to your side in the safe night. May your happiness be as high as a castle. May you be lucky and happy until you grow old.

36. There is a good news to tell you: in the next few days, Christmas Eve, Christmas and new year's day are connected, followed by happiness, happiness, health and peace; family, friendship, love and true feelings are connected, and concern, care and blessing come to you. Happy every day!

37. Praise you with the splendor of snow, and be romantic with the fragrance of flowers. The beautiful petals are in full bloom and a warm Christmas is coming. I wish you a peaceful night and a happy Christmas day!

38. On Christmas Eve, the snowflakes are floating and the auspiciousness is falling. Take a peace fruit in your hand and recite the peace mantra in your mouth. Happiness surrounds you. Peace and health are always with you. On Christmas Eve, I wish you good luck, peace and happiness. Happy Christmas Eve!

39. there are many people who care about you and bless you. Don't forget that I am one of them. Although blessing is only a form, it can bring warmth and comfort to the soul. Christmas is coming, I send a hurried blessing: Merry Christmas Eve!

40. The sound of the bell on Christmas Eve is a constant blessing: one blessing of health and peace, two blessings of prosperity, three blessings of wealth in four seasons, four blessings of dreams come true, five blessings of happiness and double happiness. I wish you all the best.

41. Do you have a auspicious omen on Christmas Eve, feeling warm, pleasant and romantic. That's my response to your blessing and prayer, which can only be felt remotely on this special night. I wish you a safe and smooth life on Christmas Eve!

42. Blessing to, send blessing: wish you happiness; greetings to, greetings: greetings. Christmas Eve, peace: day and night; Christmas, Christmas: celebrate Christmas! Merry Christmas to you! Happy and safe!

43. Look at the growing trees, the snowflakes, the fireworks, the furnaces and the messages to you: I just want to wish you a happy and sweet christmas eve!

44. The bells are ringing in Christmas Eve, and the Edelweiss are light. The stockings hang high on the head of the bed, and the children sleep sweetly. The deer car flies past the jingling bell, and Bai Xugong sends his best wishes. On Christmas Eve tonight, I wish you a warm heart!

45. On Christmas Eve, acquiesce in the most beautiful wishes, let the auspicious snowflakes around you, good luck forever; let the warm lights illuminate you, happiness forever; let the hearts of friends bless you, happy every day. Wish you happiness and boundless luck!

46. Dancing on Christmas Eve. Heart and heart are always together. The north wind, the snow, the snow Christmas. Blessings turn into auspicious words. May you always laugh. Don't laugh your teeth off, Santa tells you.

47. I wish you a safe and healthy life. The pillar of the warm paradise home, happy, harmonious, auspicious and wishful, pray God bless peace. On Christmas Eve, may your life be safe, happy and boundless!

48. When the bell rings on Christmas Eve, the reindeer jumps and brings you joy; the bell jingles and brings you good luck; the kind Santa Claus brings you blessings: happiness is not only the day of Christmas, but also the moment of happiness!

49. The sound of the Peace Bell is melodious and spreads all over the country. Bring good luck and good luck. Everyone is in good health. Happy life is a long and happy life. Happy Christmas Eve!

50. Pray for you on Christmas Eve, promise