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What is the charge from wechat withdrawal to bank card? How much is the handling charge for withdraw

Nowadays, wechat transfer has become a kind of transfer method that many people prefer. Does wechat transfer to bank card need to be charged? So the most money saving way is to transfer directly to the other party's wechat, different through bank card.

1. If the total transfer limit has exceeded 20000 yuan, a certain handling fee will be charged for further transfer, which is charged at 0.1%.

2. Wechat now needs to charge a handling fee to transfer the change to the bank card. The free handling fee of 1000 yuan for the change is the free handling fee when your wechat change is accumulated or transferred for less than 1000 yuan or 1000 yuan at one time. If it is more than 1000 yuan, it will charge 1 / 1000 of the handling fee.

3. Now, every user of wechat (with ID card dimension) enjoys 1000 yuan of free withdrawal quota for life, and the excess part will be charged according to the bank rate. Currently, the rate is 0.1%, with a minimum charge of 0.1 yuan per transaction. Wechat red packet, face-to-face payment, AA collection and other functions are not affected and free of service charges.

4. Wechat transfer does not need to pay a service fee, but it can not be transferred to the other party's bank card through wechat, only transferred to the other party's wechat wallet, and the other party binds the bank card to withdraw. Wechat payment supports credit cards issued by the following banks: Shenzhen Development Bank and Ningbo bank. In addition, wechat payment also supports debit and credit cards of the following banks: China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank, Everbright Bank, China CITIC Bank, agricultural bank, China Guangfa bank, Ping An Bank, industrial bank and Minsheng Bank.