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How to do with hair static electricity in winter? These little tricks are absolutely practical

In winter, dry hair and lack of water are easy to generate static electricity, which not only makes the hair look messy, but also causes headache and insomnia. When static electricity is applied, the hair looks manic all day long. So what should I do when my hair is static in winter?

Method 1: use antistatic products before combing

Plastic and nylon combs are easy to rub with the hair to produce static electricity, but wood combs or horn combs are much better. Or first spray some hair spray on the comb to make it moist, establish a protective layer between the hair and the comb, so that the combed hair is not impatient.

Method 2: use anti-static dry clothes paper

The soft paper used in the clothes dryer can reduce the static electricity caused by the friction of clothes during the drying process. It is also very effective to deal with the static electricity of hair. As long as the anti-static paper is covered on the hair, the disobedient hair will immediately become submissive.

Method 3: air dry hair naturally

After washing your hair, try to use less hair dryer and let it dry naturally. The less hot air is blown into the hair, the more it can keep the moisturizing effect of the moisturizing ingredients in the shampoo and conditioner. If you want to dry your hair quickly in order to catch up, you should spray some hair spray on the hair and keep the moisture in the scalp as far as possible without being taken away by the hair dryer.

Method 4: increase indoor air humidity

At home, when the indoor air dry humidity is less than 30%, it is good for friction to generate static electricity. If the humidity is increased to 45%, static electricity will be difficult to generate. So you can put a few pots of water or use an air humidifier at home to increase indoor air humidity.

Method 5: coil the long hair

The long hair over the shoulder is accompanied by the friction of clothes. In case of dry cold wind, touch, etc., it will generate static electricity quickly. In order to reduce the trouble, it is better to coil the long hair, which can effectively achieve the effect of static electricity prevention.

Method 6: wear pure cotton or silk clothes

In winter, we should try our best to choose soft and smooth cotton or silk tops, and try not to wear chemical fiber clothes, so as to minimize the harm of static electricity.