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How to get gold bars after tomorrow? What is the role of gold bars after tomorrow

Gold bars play a very important role in the game after tomorrow. Gold bars are also one of the most important monetary units after tomorrow. Do you know how to get gold bars after tomorrow? What is the role of gold bars after tomorrow?

Obtaining method:

1. Gold bars can get a lot of gold bars every day. Lucky for you, the gold size also determines the collection time and the number of gold bars you get.

2. Gold bar can be obtained by participating in New Area activities, and gold bar rewards are provided for grades and achievements

3. After logging in the game, you can get a gold bar reward in happy 101. Note that it's the first time to get a gold bar reward. There is no other way to get a gold bar.

You can collect the silver bar from the mailbox at the bank gate. The ratio of gold bar to new currency is 1:10, which is the same as recharging game currency.

4. Recharge the game to get gold bars, 1 yuan is equal to 1 gold bar, that is 10 new coins.

Gold bar function:

Gold bars can be used to send materials, and can be used at the mailman's office at the evacuation point.

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