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Liu Xiaoling's original name and personal information

Jinlai, a famous six-year-old boy, is the son of Liu Lingtong, the monkey king of the southern school. He is well-known for playing monkey king in the 86 version of journey to the West. According to incomplete statistics, the classic version of journey to the West has been replayed more than 3000 times. Recently, some negative news about six little bowling children has attracted netizens' attention. Let's get to know.

In recent years, six little bowling children are keen on the promotion and publicity of the western culture, but they are commented by netizens on the Internet that they are crazy about the western culture.

Liu Xiaolingtong talked about the journey to the West in an interview recently. He was invited to play monkey king again, but he put forward a request: 'in the past few years, the story of spoofing journey to the West has become more and more popular. As long as the box office is good, anything can be done. Someone in charge of the film talks to me directly. We respect your belief, but the market is cruel. The box office shows everything. We hope you can play monkey again. We can talk about other conditions, but the plot is that monkey and Bai Gujing fall in love. I really can't accept it. It's a kind of disrespect for famous works. "In addition, Liu Xiaoling said that when he heard that the TV play everyone had seen was journey to the west, it was his' happiest moment '.

Previously, because the former residence of Wu Chengen, the author of journey to the west, was full of photos of six little bowling boys, it was questioned whether it was Wu Chengen's former residence.

In response to the hearsay of "Xiba": monkey opera doesn't have the surname of Zhang. I hope the art of monkey opera will flourish

Some netizens once said: Liu Xiaoling thought that monkey king was him, he was the real monkey king, others were fake Monkey King, even netizens called him "Xiba". There is also a collection of pictures made by a group of netizens on the Internet. The doubters say that monkey king played by Zhou Xingchi has a classic action of carrying a golden cudgel with both arms. Six little bowling boys think that this action is not authentic, and they imitate and laugh at it in public for many times.

In response to this statement, Liu Xiaoling also responded:

The audience in mainland China will not say hello to you because you are an actor. That's not the truth. In the past, many famous actors played a lot of good plays. Sometimes a play is not suitable, but it can only be said that it is not. There is no good or bad actor. But because it's not suitable, I don't think the performance is very good, and I will be criticized immediately, which is very good. Maybe our audiences in mainland China were so nice to me before. Basically, my monkey king didn't see a piece of negative news or even criticism. So I always felt that there might be no big problem in all aspects of my work. But I was also testing myself, combing my work, career, speaking and so on, and I had to make some adjustments. Because sometimes it causes some misunderstanding.

For example, I never said that my monkey king's six little bowlers were authentic when I spread the western culture. My father once said that it's also my opinion that monkey opera doesn't have the surname of Zhang (Zhang is the surname of six little bowlers), and that monkey opera belongs to China and the world. I hope that monkey opera will flourish. If they are the same as the six little bowlers, Monkey King has no meaning. I am just an old actor who played Monkey King. I hope that I can spread the essence and positive energy of the western culture with more and different artistic styles.

All the actors who have played journey to the West and monkey king are good friends and respected.

In response to the question of "living in the past": the first half of his life is to inherit the monkey opera art of national essence, and the second half of his life hopes to inherit more Chinese Western culture

Some netizens also said that Liu Xiaoling won't miss any chance to brush the sense of existence angrily. He either sent a photo with this person or mentioned that he played a relevant role and told the netizens all over the country: 'my grandson is here!' for more than 30 years, he also repeatedly mentioned the journey to the west, which made some netizens feel that he always lived Go there.

To this end, Liu Xiaolingtong explained that sending some photos with old artists on Weibo is to express respect and remembrance, "for some old artists who have been forgotten, I'm very sorry & hellip; & hellip;"

As for why the journey to the west is always mentioned, Liu Xiaolingtong said that there are some things that need to be repeatedly said. In traditional culture and the culture of the journey to the west, some of the contents are closely related to the common people. He hopes that he can better promote the culture of the journey to the west through his own expression.

'a person's life will have his expertise and characteristics. I hope to sum up my performance of Monkey King and my understanding of the western culture and communicate with you. Let's work together to spread the culture of China's journey to the West. '

Liu Xiaolingtong said that his father's life is more about interpretation, and for him, in addition to interpretation, but also summary, through summary, this art and culture will be passed on from generation to generation.