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I'm not a drug God! Share the inspirational experience of Film Critics

"I'm not the God of medicine" tells us that at first, Cheng Yong introduced pirated drugs from India for profit, with a price of 4000 yuan per bottle. Later, Lao Zhang's price increased to 20000 yuan per bottle, which was reported. Later, in order to save more leukemia patients, Cheng Yong sold pirated drugs again. He bought them for 2000 yuan and sold them for 500 yuan, just to save people. Now let's learn that I'm not stuck in the throat! Share the inspirational experience of film critics.

There is a touching scene: customers are captured, and an old lady says to Cao police: 'I beg you, don't check it out, OK? It's not easy for the drug seller, nor for us. My money is used to buy genuine 'Lenin', my house is gone, my car is gone, and my children have to work to earn money. Stop checking, please. I want to live. 'how powerless the tone is and how hopeful it is. People are hoping and disappointed. I hope the drug price can be reduced, and I'm disappointed because of the severe beating by the police.

Another thing that touched me was that the Indian pharmaceutical factory was shut down. In order to save more white blood patients, Cheng Yong, the boss, bought 'Lenin' from the Indian drugstore for 2000 yuan and sold it to the white blood patients for 500 yuan. More than 100 bottles will be sold every day, that is, 150000 yuan, 150000 yuan, and 4.5 million yuan a month. In this way, not only will he lose a lot of money, but he will also lose all the money he made before. However, Cheng Yong is determined to save people, and after two months, he is seized by the police to verify the account books. All of them are in deficit and unprofitable.

"I'm not the God of medicine" makes me feel deeply. I see the poverty of white blood patients. They have lost their money for their lives. They protect fake drugs for their lives. When Cheng Yong was arrested, the patients stood up to fight with the police. Then when Cheng Yong went to prison, all the white blood patients came to see him off.

People's hearts have long been linked. Cheng Yong is a lifesaver to the white blood patients. At last, Cheng Yong is ruined. In the end, some people gave their lives and some went to prison to protect Cheng Yong.

This kind of feeling makes people's hearts closely linked. The 'fake medicine' of 500 yuan saves people from the side of death. This is the expression of human feelings and the bloom of life. No prison, no death.