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Why is Christmas on December 25 every year? How did Christmas come

Christmas Eve, also known as Christmas Eve, belongs to most Christian societies and is one of the festivals to celebrate Christmas day. So why is Christmas on December 25 every year? How did Christmas come? Let's learn with Xiaobian.

Why is Christmas on December 25?

Jesus was born

As we all know, Christmas is set up to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but the Bible never mentions that Jesus was born on this day, and even many historians believe that Jesus was born in spring. It was not until the 3rd century that December 25th was officially designated as Christmas. However, some Orthodox churches still designated January 6th and 7th as Christmas.

The origin of Christmas Eve:

On the night of Jesus' birth, the shepherds, who were guarding the sheep in the wilderness, suddenly heard a voice from heaven telling them the news of Jesus' birth. According to the Bible, Jesus came to save the world and be the Savior of all mankind. (see Matthew 1:21 for a son. You shall call him Jesus. For he will save his people from sin. )So the angels spread the news to more people through these shepherds.

Later, people followed the example of angels, and on the night of Christmas Eve, they spread the news of the birth of Jesus everywhere. Up to now, it has become a good news activity.

On Christmas Eve in 1818, an unknown village priest named obendov in Austria, Moore, found that the organ in the church had been bitten by a mouse, and it was too late to repair. How to celebrate Christmas? Moore is unhappy about it. It suddenly occurred to him that in the gospel of Luke, when Jesus was born, the angels reported their good news to the shepherds in the outskirts of Bailun and sang a song: 'God is blessed in heaven, and the good man is blessed in the earth. 'he had an idea and wrote a hymn based on these two verses, named "Christmas Eve". After Moore wrote the lyrics, he showed them to grauber, the primary school teacher in this town, and asked him to compose the music. After reading the lyrics, Gruber was very moved. He composed a good song and sang it in the church the next day. It was very popular. Later, two businessmen passed by and learned the song. They sang it for King William IV of Prussia. After listening to it, William IV praised it very much. He ordered that "Christmas Eve" be one of the songs that must be sung by churches all over the country at Christmas. Thus, this immortal work has been sung to this day.

Christmas Eve is also regarded as a time for Santa Claus and similar figures in other regions to send gifts to good children. In Italy, gifts are opened on Christmas Eve in the morning, while in Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Portugal and Poland, Christmas gifts are usually opened on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. In most parts of Germany, Christmas presents are opened on Christmas Eve (bescherung, German). In Iceland, Christmas starts at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve, the church bell will be sounded, people will enjoy holiday dinner with their families, and then they will open gifts and spend the night together. In North America, most families open presents on Christmas morning. For divorced families, children may be separated for two days to celebrate with one of their parents. In Spain, gifts are not opened until the morning of D & Iacute; a de Reyes. Many traditional Christmas stories take place on a safe night.