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What are the benefits of eating longan in winter? The effect and function of longan

the dry weather in winter is also a good season for eating longan. What are the advantages of eating longan in winter? Check the efficacy and function of longan. Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

eating longan in winter has the following five advantages: 1. Nourishing blood and Qi: it is rich in glucose, sucrose, protein, iron, etc., which can promote the regeneration of hemoglobin and replenish blood, making people full of Qi and blood.

2. Strengthen intelligence and brain: it contains protein, lipid, fructose, sucrose, calcium, iron, phosphorus and multidimensional. It is suitable for children to use. It can promote intelligence development and enhance memory.

3. Anti aging: it contains natural collagen and vitamin E, which has the function of beauty and anti-aging.

4. Tranquilizing and tranquilizing: it contains iron, potassium and other elements, which can promote the regeneration of hemoglobin, so as to treat palpitation, palpitation, insomnia and forgetfulness caused by anemia, and achieve the effect of tranquilizing mind and nourishing heart.

5. Eliminate fatigue: it is rich in glucose, protein, iron and potassium. After being absorbed by the human body, it can quickly supplement the energy lost by the human body and eliminate fatigue.

Note: although it is good, but these people had better not eat longan Oh! Pregnant women, gout patients, cough, skin disease patients, heavy moisture and so on, it is better not to eat longan.