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When will 5g mobile phones go on sale in China? What is the price of 5g mobile phone

5g mobile phone topic is a focus of many people's attention, so when will 5g mobile phones go on the market in China? China Mobile stressed that the first batch of 5g mobile phones will be launched next year, and the price is expected to be as high as 8000 yuan. In fact, considering the early technology maturity, users do not purchase the first batch of 5g mobile phones in an emergency, and it will be more cost-effective to wait until the 5g technology matures in 2020.

Problems of early 5g mobile phones

The high price of the first 5g mobile phones is related to the chip maturity and the support of the industrial chain. After all, for the first 5g mobile phones, the entire mobile phone industrial chain has not yet formed a complete industrial chain, and the price of each component will be relatively high, which is the reason why the price of the first 5g mobile phones is too high.

In addition to the high price of early 5g mobile phones, technology is another issue to be considered. At present, Qualcomm is the first company to launch 5g mobile phone chip among the global mobile phone chip enterprises. However, it is said that the 5g baseband X50 is not integrated into the 5g mobile phone chip snapdragon 855 recently launched by Qualcomm, which will lead to high power consumption of the mobile phone, and the perfection and stability will be greatly different from the current 4G mobile phone.

The problem of high power consumption of mobile phones caused by the external baseband has appeared many times before. For example, Huawei Kirin 950 has caused the problem of high power consumption by the way of external CDMA baseband because it does not support CDMA technology, and the 4G baseband of Xiaolong 855 chip launched by Qualcomm and the 5g baseband of the external baseband will inevitably cause the problem of high power consumption and mobile phone endurance.

5g mobile phone technology is more complex than 4G mobile phone. It will need to support 2G, 3G, 4G, 5g at the same time. Such highly complex technology integration in it will inevitably encounter some technical problems in the early stage. These technical problems cannot be completely solved in the training room, but can only be improved after problems are found in the user's use process.

The 5g frequency band obtained by China Mobile is 2.6GHz and 4.9ghz, which is not the mainstream 5g frequency band in the world. This requires China Mobile to cooperate with chip companies and mobile phone companies to promote their support for the two 5g frequency bands, which also requires time to optimize the chip and mobile phone design.

China Mobile will be the first 5g business enterprise, but even if it is stronger than China Mobile, it is expected that it will only be 5g business in some cities next year, instead of building a 5g network covering the whole country, so users can only use 5g when they buy 5g mobile phones, and they will use 4G in most cases, so the experience of 5g mobile phones for early 5g users It won't be so good.

Purchase 5g mobile phones after 2020 or more appropriate

After 2020, 5g chips and mobile phones will be more mature. It is expected that the 5g chips launched by Qualcomm in the second half of next year will be more mature, and 5g baseband will be integrated into the SOC of mobile phones. However, the introduction of mobile phones often has a certain lag time. Therefore, it is expected that mobile phones adopting such chips will not be launched until 2020.

At present, MediaTek has also launched 5g baseband M70, and Huawei Hisilicon and Ziguang zhanrui are expected to launch 5g mobile phone chips by the second half of next year, which means that more mature 5g chips will be launched by that time. With the launch of more 5g chips, the cost of 5g mobile phone chips will further decline, 5g mobile phones will be further enriched, and the price will also be greatly reduced. By 2020, the price of 5g mobile phones will be significantly reduced By then, users will be able to purchase more affordable 5g mobile phones.

For chip companies and mobile phone companies, after nearly a year of optimization, they will be able to launch more mature 5g chips and 5g mobile phones by 2020. By then, 5g mobile phones are expected to be more mature in technology and have fewer problems.

For operators, it is expected that after one year's construction, the coverage and optimization of 5g network will be better, and users will get a better experience when they use 5g mobile phones by 2020.

For current users of 4G mobile phones, there is no need to worry that 4G cannot be used when 5g is commercially available, because the current 5g uses a high frequency band, which means that the coverage of 5g single base station will be smaller, and operators will not be able to quickly build a 5g network covering the whole country, while the first 5g network will be covered in the city. In the first few years of 5g business, 4G and 5g will coexist.

To sum up, users do not need to buy 5g mobile phones in a hurry at all. Next year, they can wait and see the specific development of 5g mobile phones. By 2020, 5g mobile phones will be very rich, the price will be greatly reduced, and the network coverage of operators will be good enough before they buy 5g mobile phones.