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How is the battery of electric vehicle not durable in winter? Senior teacher Fu tells you what to do

Battery maintenance of electric vehicles has always been a commonplace topic. When winter comes, do you always feel that the battery of electric vehicles is not durable and the battery is afraid of cold. So what should I do if the battery is not durable in winter? Let's have a look.

First of all, it is necessary to know some characteristics of the battery. The number of charge and discharge cycles of the battery is a certain number. One charge is equivalent to one charge and discharge cycle. Therefore, do not charge and discharge frequently. Just charge when the battery is about 30% of the remaining power.

In addition, deep discharge shall be carried out for electric vehicles once a month, and the charger shall not be changed at will, so as to achieve one vehicle one charge as far as possible. Even if you don't use it for a long time, you should form a good habit of charging once a month.

In the process of riding, try to reduce sudden acceleration or sudden brake light conditions. In case of uphill, bridge, headwind or overweight driving, you must use pedals to help, and you can't drive with excessive load or power loss. When charging the electric vehicle battery, try to keep it upright. Do not charge it outdoors or in a humid environment. Do not cut off the power supply immediately after it is fully charged. It is recommended to continue charging for 1-2 hours, but pay attention to charging for no more than 12 hours, because long-term overcharge will cause hardening and falling off of the active material of the plate, and even cause water loss or deformation in serious cases.

In winter, the air outside the room is cold and the battery is easy to freeze and frost. Before charging the battery, place it for a while, and then charge it after the surface temperature of the battery rises to near room temperature and is fully dry.

In case of rain and snow, the battery shall be protected to prevent leakage. First put it in a dry and ventilated place and then connect it to the power supply. Wipe the battery charging port clean to avoid leakage and short circuit.

Hardware has to be hard enough. Battery is the absolute hardware in electric vehicle, so it is very important to choose a hard enough hardware. Tianneng has only made more high-end durable batteries for 30 years. The quality of the high-tech product series is constantly upgraded, and it is also frost resistant in winter. With the help of the above six tips, we can instantly feel 'facing the sea, blooming in spring'.