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How to deal with the rural homestead certificate? How to deal with the loss of the use certificate o

After the rural cooperation in China, rural villagers apply to the collective organization for building land on the collective land because of the need of building houses. How to deal with the certificate of rural homestead? How to deal with the loss of the use certificate of rural homestead?

The homestead is allowed to be built, but an application needs to be made before the house is built. Only after approval can the homestead certificate and the permit be used to apply for the real estate certificate.

Although the property law has relevant provisions on the confirmation of the right of houses and other buildings on the homestead, the real estate certificate can be handled. However, due to the restrictions on the use of the homestead itself and the implementation of the separation of the buildings from the land, the real estate certificate corresponding to the homestead has no actual use -- it can not be mortgaged and sold to obtain its actual use just like the real estate on the state-owned land Profit.

Homestead certificate, i.e. "collective land use certificate", but the collective land use certificate has a broader definition, including not only the homestead use right, but also the collective construction land use right certificate used by other collective or internal members of the collective, such as: Village run schools, offices, village run enterprises, etc.

The right to use collective construction land corresponds to the right to use state-owned construction land. The difference lies in the authority of the right to use: collective land cannot be transferred or sold without approval, and the user can only be an internal member of the collective organization; however, state-owned construction land does not have the above-mentioned relevant regulations. Relatively speaking, the use of homestead has more stringent requirements: one family, one house, 18 years old or above, no residential restrictions.

With the passage of time, many old people or young people who go out to work often encounter such problems. The rural real estate certificate which was handled a long time ago was lost. Therefore, there will be many questions: can we make up for it, will we be fined and so on. Never mind, according to the provisions of laws and regulations, after the loss of the rural house property certificate, you can submit relevant materials for a replacement, and the specific cost will not be much.

1、 How to deal with the loss of the use certificate of rural homestead?

Faced with such a problem, many friends are at a loss. Especially the old people don't know what to do. Don't worry, the rural real estate certificate lost or can be supplemented. If you lose the certificate of rural homestead, you can go to the local housing authority to apply for a replacement. The specific supplementary process is as follows:

1. First, the original "house ownership certificate" will be invalidated, and then a notice will be posted for objection;

2. 10 days later, if there is no objection, the staff of the planning and construction management station of the town to which the owner applies for field survey;

3. The owner of the house shall provide the ID card, the copy of the household register, the original of the invalid newspaper of the registration statement, the certificate of the village committee and other relevant materials;

4. Apply for re handling the house ownership certificate.

(Note: the house ownership certificate is the house property certificate. The urban house purchasers can obtain the legal ownership of the house through transaction, and can exercise the rights of possession, use, income and disposal of the house purchased according to law. That is, "housing ownership certificate" is the legal certificate for the state to protect the ownership of housing according to law. House owner certificate management and use of their own house. House property certificate includes house ownership certificate and house co ownership certificate. In general, house property certificate is the abbreviation of house ownership certificate, which is a written certificate issued by the real estate registration authority to prove the ownership of the house. According to the current housing ownership registration system in China, housing registration is the legal publicity method for the ownership of urban housing rights.)

When applying for the rural homestead certificate, please refer to the town planning and construction management station for consultation.

2、 How much is the cost of rural real estate certificate?

The compensation fee of rural real estate certificate is not much, which is divided into three parts:

1. There is no charge for applying for lost registration;

2. Pay 10 yuan / copy of the cost of building ownership certificate and 10 yuan / copy of filing fee for reissue of property ownership certificate;

3. Report fee. Please consult the newspaper office for the cost of newspaper publishing.

The above is the process and cost of the rural real estate certificate supplement. For details, please consult the local housing management department.

3、 Process of first handling Rural Homestead certificate

(1) Working procedure:

Review Certificate & rarr; situation investigation & rarr; measurement dimension & rarr; fill in report & rarr; and submit it for approval & rarr; and issue certificate.

(2) Change of basic conditions

1. The applicant's account must be in the village;

2. The applicant's account must be agricultural;

3. Applicants and their families must have no homestead use certificate.

(3) Information to be submitted

1. One original, copy and ID card copy of household register (A4 paper);

2. Certificate of local police station of Local Public Security Bureau;

3. One application and one power of attorney;

4. Registration form of right to use homestead;

5. Two original land registration cards, original house base use certificate;

6. Three land registration cards filled in after correction.