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What are the most important technologies in China's science and technology world in 2018? The bigges

with the rapid development of society, China's science and technology is really getting stronger and stronger! So what are the most important technologies in 2018? Let's learn about the largest inventory of China's science and technology world.

China's leading technologies in the world include:

1. Laser technology. China's laser technology is the first in the world, leading the world for 15 years.

2. Hybrid technology of super rice and other crops. Super rice is the fifth invention of China by the world.

3. Ceramic technology. Ceramic technology is the traditional leading technology in China.

4. Anti satellite weapon technology. Parasitic stars have been invented in China for many years. Now we will begin to deploy a parasitic satellite to a commercial satellite in the Philippines. Only China has parasitic stars, and no country in the world has developed them. It is the treasure of our country.

5. Bridge construction technology. China is the kingdom of bridge building, which has the reputation of "World Bridge Museum". Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge is the longest bridge in the world and the largest bridge in the world.

6. Plateau railway construction technology. Qinghai Tibet railway is the most difficult technology in the world.

7. Construction technology of giant hydropower station. China's Three Gorges Project represents the highest level of hydropower technology in the world.

8. Technology of irrigation and drainage machine. The pump installed in Luoma Lake has a diameter of 8m, and it is planned to install another 12m. Represents the highest level in the world.

9. Intelligent robot technology. China's underwater crab system is unique to the world.

10. The steamer is invented in China. At that time, it was not disclosed to the whole world for the sake of confidentiality.

11. Well drilling technology. China can drill the deepest well in the world in the northwest.

12. Silk technology. Silk is a traditional technology in China. It's still the world leader.

13. Desert control technology. China is the world leader in desert control technology.

14. Prevention and control technology of human and animal plague. In the 1950s and 1960s, China basically eliminated the human and animal plague, which was and is the highest level in the world.

15. Prevention and treatment of SAS. The technology of SAS prevention and treatment in China is the first in the world.

There are also some small technologies that will not be mentioned.