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What are the hottest programs of the company's annual meeting in 2018? Company air opening program r

The year of the dog is coming in 2018. Many enterprises, large or small, have started to prepare for the annual meeting. Employees are racking their brains to think about all kinds of talent performances. So what are the hottest programs for the 2018 annual meeting? Company air opening program recommendation.

1. Classic songs

Many professionals like to perform and sing at the annual meeting, so we might as well burn some classic songs together to remind everyone of the good memories of youth. It's not the classic work of the annual meeting program, but also the annual meeting project that doesn't cost everyone's time and energy. When you choose the classic songs, you should try to combine what your colleagues are familiar with. In this way, you can sing together on the annual meeting program. The scene is also very spectacular.

2. Carrier style go

The style of aircraft carrier, which is affectionately called "walk you" by netizens, will undoubtedly become a high-frequency action to be imitated in the annual meeting. Because it is easy to learn, self-confident and proud, its overbearing atmosphere has conquered all people and won the warm pursuit of netizens. It is likely that the aircraft carrier style will replace the opening song and dance and kick off the company's annual meeting. Netizen Nini revealed in QQ group that the company's boss planned to replace the opening words with "go you".

3. Palace drama

"What's popular this year?" this is a big problem that has been bothering the planners of the annual meeting. In fact, many enterprises have also targeted palace opera as the first choice program of this year's annual meeting. You can learn from popular Qing palace TV series "Legend of Zhen Huan", "beauty without tears" and other adapted skits. I believe that the 80's and 90's employees will like such creative programs. However, it can take a certain amount of skill to plan the program, and it's also a lot of work in the early stage. There will be rehearsals in the middle.

4. Jiangnan style creative Edition

After experiencing nobody and spring onion dance, the most popular song and dance program in 2012 is Jiangnan style. A South Korean uncle took horse riding dance to all over the world, from politicians to sports stars, fans from all walks of life launched various versions of horse riding dance, setting off a carnival of imitation show.

5. Dating Show

This year's most popular TV series is the palace drama. What about the variety show? When it comes to dating shows, such as "let's date" on Hunan TV, "rush forward for love" on Zhejiang TV, "if you are the one" on Jiangsu TV, and "love knocks on the door" on Shandong TV, we can put this dating show on the stage for the annual meeting. I believe it will A lot of sparks.

6. Imitate popular songs and dances

Now more and more post-80s and 90s young people like the pop songs and dances in South Korea, so the annual meeting program can't be without such a song and dance show. Here, the editor recommends the popular songs in South Korea: t-aracrycry, wondergirls "bemybaby", super junior "Mr. simple", teenage "the boys", missagood byeBay and so on.

7. Language programs

Drama programs need creativity, so when selecting programs, they should be determined according to the performance level of the Department staff. Generally speaking, they will adapt dramas such as "big talk journey to the west", "Thunderstorm", "pig eight commandments" & hellip. The program can combine this year's Internet hot topics, such as' Yuanfang, what do you think? ', and' are you happy? ', the most popular discussion of CCTV this year will undoubtedly become the creative element of the language program of the annual meeting. In addition to "my family name was once", what kind of divine reply would there be? It provides a huge space for netizens to create. Yuan Fang, the spiritual pillar of Di Renjie, is also an indispensable and important guest at the annual meeting. After every performance, the host can ask, 'Yuanfang, what do you think?' quick comment should be brilliant.

In fact, the company's annual meeting focuses on entertainment, playing tricks on the leaders and criticizing hot current affairs. As long as it is not too hot, it is very popular.

8. Good voice of the company

What's the hottest variety show this year? Of course, it's the voice of China, so don't let it go. If you want to experience the fun of turning a chair, let's have a good voice of the company.

&Bull: write a copy of the company's products, imitating the advertising words of jiaduobao read by Huashao. Give it to all departments in advance, let them represent, PK on site, and see who can read it in the shortest time.

&Bull: let all departments present representatives in advance, and invite the company leaders to sit on the swivel chair as judges on the spot. The requirement for the contestants is to try to perform no matter what voice or content is used, and attract the judges to turn around within the specified time.

&To overthrow the previous plan, and to arrange their own departments into skits, to make a complete mischief. We can broaden our thinking, such as' company's good products', graft the form of China's good business to the company's sales occasions, or other specific occasions. And so on, there can be many directions, let the creativity fly for a while.

9. The end of the world is overturned

What are we afraid of after December 21, 2012? Many planning and creative schemes take the opportunity to hype the concept of "Noah's Ark" as the theme of the most subversive annual meeting in 2013.

10. Attractive big prize sliced cake

Some netizens joked that the company might as well replace the prizes of Apple Series in this year's annual meeting with sliced cakes. The third prize for sliced cakes is one or two, the second prize for sliced cakes is one jin, and the first prize for sliced cakes is one cart. "The company is very generous, this is hard currency, take out the double son has face. '

This year's hot elements are in it! Want to know friends can refer to the next Oh!

11. His annual meeting program

Other annual programs are mainly fashion show, musical instrument show, poetry recitation, or game relay. Relatively speaking, it's relatively simple and doesn't take much time, so these programs are also one of the more popular programs in the annual meeting.

Many colleagues complain that holding the annual meeting will bring inconvenience to their work. In fact, we need to know that the annual meeting is an activity for enterprises to shorten the distance between colleagues and enhance the spirit of cooperation. The significance is not whether the program is outstanding enough, but whether the participants really integrate into the happy atmosphere of the annual meeting. So when you choose the program of the annual meeting, you should try your best to cooperate with your personal time. You don't need to waste too much energy and cause your work not to be completed.

What kind of programs should new people who have no long-term skills prepare? Employees without art cells can hope for novelty and creativity. You can buy all kinds of magic, games and other props online, which is also good.

In addition to the annual meeting for employees to perform their talents, there are other ways to stimulate employees' enthusiasm. These annual meetings seem to be more popular with employees. The next annual meeting is a great opportunity to enhance the employees' feelings for the enterprise and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise.