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Can I use a hair dryer for mobile phone water? Is the mobile phone water blower useful

Presumably, many netizens have had similar situations. Some people also like to play music in the bath, which is easy to cause water inflow in the sounding part of the mobile phone. So, can the mobile phone use a hair dryer for water inflow? Is the mobile phone water blower useful?

can I use a hair dryer when the mobile phone is flooded?

The biggest taboo to mobile phone water is to use a hair dryer. Although the hair dryer makes the water inside the mobile phone evaporate, when the water is heated into steam, it will spread to the deeper parts of the mobile phone. If the mobile phone enters a small amount of water, you can turn off the phone first, then take a dry towel or paper towel to dry the water, and put it in the ventilation place to dry.

In addition to the above reasons, there are also some parts of the mobile phone that are particularly delicate, and some of them will melt if the temperature is even a little higher, causing irreversible damage. The problem of the mobile phone is not so big, so it is likely to be scrapped after using the hair dryer.

How to deal with mobile phone water

1. Shut down immediately

If the mobile phone accidentally gets water, the first time is to pick up the phone, and then turn it off immediately. If the shutdown key is not used, the forced shutdown will be enabled. Android system mobile phones generally press the power key + volume plus key for 5-10 seconds. Apple mobile phones also press the power key and volume key at the same time in the new system.

If the mobile phone uses detachable battery, shut down the phone first, then remove the cell phone battery, mobile card, etc., and then wipe off the excess water with dry towel or paper towel.

2. Dry towel with paper towel to absorb water

As mentioned above, hair dryer is the most taboo for mobile phone water, so the correct way is to wipe the excess water on mobile phone with dry towel or paper towel after shutdown. Do not try to throw out the water in mobile phone by hand, which will lead to more serious water inflow. The best way is to wrap the mobile phone completely with a paper towel, and then wipe the exposed holes one by one in front of the mobile phone.

3. Use desiccant or put into rice bag

The reason why the mobile phone is put into the rice bag is that the rice can wash away the water in the mobile phone as soon as possible. Now there is another choice. Use the desiccant, so that the moisture evaporated from the mobile phone will be absorbed by the desiccant, which will greatly improve the chance of the mobile phone's rebirth. Of course, the most important thing is to send it to repair!