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Today's headlines launch fly chat fly chat in the future can shake the position of wechat?

Now wechat has become our main chat tool, and other software wants to subvert wechat's position. In the end, it can only take a share. Today's headline is about to launch a new annual level social product, which is named 'fly chat'. It will not be embedded in today's headline app, but will be launched independently. In order to create flying chat, the former employees of wechat have been poached by today's headlines.

In the context of the established mobile social pattern, bullet messages and fly chat have been launched online successively since this year, launching an impact on wechat as a challenger, leaving aside the market prospect, this commendable act of courage is worth affirming.

In fact, wechat has never lacked challengers, among which e-mail is one. It was launched on August 19, 2013 by Netease and China Telecom. Coincidentally, on the day of the launch of e-mail, wechat experienced a half-hour network failure. Wechat official explained that "network hardware failed" - wechat system was set up in the computer room of China Telecom.

At the press conference, Ding Lei, the head of Netease, repeatedly stressed that "antitrust" is the mission of e-mail. At that time, the scale of wechat users had exceeded 400 million. It was very difficult for e-mail, which had similar functions with wechat, to shake its leading edge, because it would not be another wechat to defeat wechat.

Eleven months later, e-mail announced that its users were more than 100 million and its monthly active users were more than 30%, but the impact on wechat was very limited, and even it was once thought that the gold content was not high, and the lack of social relationship chain made it difficult to make a substantive breakthrough in the improvement of user stickiness.

Sure enough, entering the '100 million level club' did not usher in the dawn of e-mail. Even if the number of users exceeded 200 million two years after its establishment, it failed to achieve e-mail. Today, although e-mail didn't go out of business like contacts, it just survived. Like Mi chat, the market has a very low sense of existence and has no future to speak of.

Looking back on the past five years, despite the breakthrough in the scale of e-mail users, it has never posed a substantive threat to wechat, and it is not too much to define its fate by "failure". However, to this day, I still miss the short-term use of e-mail and the frequent occurrence of golden sentences in the process of building e-mail by Ding Lei.

Ding Lei's most well-known golden sentence is commenting on similar products: 'now several similar products, wechat 5 points, Momo 4 points, we 0 point, negative contact points. The next thing you show me is at least 6 points. "That's what he said in November 2013.

At that time, Ding Lei advised employees not to have the habit of cleanliness, 'I know you don't like wechat shake, I don't like it, but users like it, the experience is terrible, but the core needs to be solved are worth learning. 'in September 2013, at a private party, he talked about a function of wechat, and commented that it was an unethical design, such as' brothel downstairs of a five-star hotel', 'how do you let children use it?' Ding Lei dropped his mobile phone on the table and asked angrily.

As you can see, he is shaking the crazy dis wechat. Today, shaking is not handled off the shelves by wechat officials as Ding Lei would like, but the criticized function of the drifting bottle is not easy.

On November 30, wechat officials said they found that there were still users using functions such as drift bottles to publish pornographic content or pornographic advertisements. In this regard, wechat team temporarily offline wechat rafting bottle and QQ mailbox rafting bottle related services for special cleaning. Perhaps, the next function to be taken off the shelf is to shake it. Its full of pornographic content has long been a public secret.

In other words, e-mail has cooled down, and bullet messages can't be expected. Can later zefei chat become a strong challenger of wechat?