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What should you pay attention to in winter? Keeping warm is the first task

When it comes to sitting on the moon, many people find it most comfortable to sit on the moon in winter. It's really comfortable to sit in the quilt every day when we catch up with it. However, Xiaobian thinks that it's not a good season to have children in winter, so what should we pay attention to in winter? Keeping warm is the first task.

My first child was born in winter. As a passer-by, I think I need to pay attention to the following points.

1. Keep warm

It's cold in winter, so be sure to keep warm. Wear shoes, socks and hats to protect yourself from the cold. Buy 3-4 sets of nursing clothes, so as not to lift up the clothes and freeze the back and waist when feeding. Many people suffer from low back pain caused by sitting on the moon and getting cold.

2. Pay attention to humid indoor air

In winter, the heating is on all day long. It's too dry. We must use humidifier. If the room is too dry for a long time, it will make the population dry and tongue dry. It's easy to catch fire. The skin is also very dry. Use the humidifier to change water and clean it frequently, keep it clean, and prevent the baby from discomfort caused by too many bacteria in the humidifier.

3. Pay attention to sanitation

In winter, we should also pay attention to hygiene when sitting in a month. The puerpera who has just given birth to a baby is weak and prone to sweating. In addition, she should change the bed sheets and clothes frequently, take a bath and wash her hair frequently, and dry up after taking a bath. It's good if she doesn't get cold.

Don't listen to the old generation for a month without taking a bath or washing their hair or brushing their teeth.

4. Regular window opening and ventilation

In winter, you can't close the doors and windows all day long, so the air is not circulating, which is not good for the body of the mother and the baby. You can open the windows in the morning and in the evening to ventilate for an hour every day.

5. Play mobile phone and watch TV for no more than two hours every day

After childbirth, the body is weak and all the body skills are in a state of recovery, but now it is impossible for this society to completely cut off the network. It is not allowed to play mobile phones and watch TV for less than 2 hours a day, and excessive use of eyes is not allowed.

In winter, it is mainly cold weather, especially in our area where there is no heating, so we must do a good job in keeping warm, keep the environment and self-health, communicate well with family members, if necessary, persuade the old tradition of the elderly that they can't take a bath and shampoo through doctors and friends, and let them sit happily for a month.