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Different prescriptions for winter cough

Winter weather turns cold, stimulated by the cold air, so that the baby cough significantly increased. If the pure feeding of antibiotics to the child is very harmful to the health of the child, so if the cough is not very serious, you may as well try a simple diet.

Hot cough food therapy:

Baby's main symptoms: cough phlegm, phlegm yellow, red tongue and yellow fur, red throat, baby hot cough.

​ &; Bing Tang Chuan Bei Li:

Method: 1 pear, 10g sugar, 2G scallop powder. Peel and core the pears. Put the sugar and scallop powder in the 'hole'. Steam the pears in a bowl for 30 minutes. Let them cool and serve.

Effect: moisten the lung, stop coughing and dissipate phlegm.

White radish Bingtang drink:

Method: 1 white radish, 12g sugar. Cut the radish into pieces, put water and sugar in it, and then boil it for 5 minutes.

Effect: clearing away heat and phlegm.

Loquat leaf porridge:

Method: loquat leaves 12g, japonica rice 50g. Loquat leaves are wrapped in gauze, boiled with water, dregs are removed and juice is left, and rice is added to make porridge.

Effect: antitussive and expectorant.

Cold cough therapy

Baby's main symptoms: cough, thin white phlegm, thin white tongue coating.

Ginger and garlic brown sugar soup:

Method: ginger 5 pieces, brown sugar 12 grams, garlic 3 pieces. Boil with water for 10 minutes and drink soup.

Effect: warming lung and relieving cough.

Tofu soup with ginger and sugar

Method: 200g tofu, 50g brown sugar, 3 pieces ginger. Add a little water and cook.

Effect: nourishing spleen and warming lung.

Treatment of spleen deficiency and cough

Baby's main symptoms: repeated coughing, sallow complexion, loss of appetite, loose stools.

Chinese yam and almond porridge:

Method: 120g yam, 12g almond, 50g japonica rice. Chinese yam peeled and cut into pieces, almond peeled and pointed, rice and water added, and porridge cooked.

Effect: Invigorating the spleen and relieving cough.

Porridge with Coix and poria

Method: Job's tears 30 grams, tuckahoe 30 grams, Suzi 9 grams, japonica rice 50 grams, add water to cook congee.

Effect: Invigorating Spleen and moistening, relieving cough and resolving phlegm.

Red date and white fruit porridge:

Method: red date 10, white fruit 3, japonica rice 50 grams, water porridge.

Effect: Invigorating the spleen and Qi, stopping cough and asthma.

Feiyin deficiency cough diet

Baby's main symptoms: cough less phlegm, dry mouth, red tongue, night sweat.

Lily porridge:

Method: 15g fresh lily, 50g glutinous rice and 10g ice sugar. Add fresh lily and glutinous rice to cook porridge, and then add in ice sugar.

Effect: tonifying lung and relieving cough.

Tremella soup:

Method: dry Tremella 30g, egg 1, sugar 200g. Boil the tremella and melt it in ice sugar; take the egg white from the egg, add a little water and stir, and then put it into the tremella for heating.

Effect: Nourishing Yin, moistening lung and relieving cough.