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Who's the winner of the double 12? Huawei's seven first

at the end of the double twelfth World War in 2018, looking back on the development of science and technology in the past decade, China has become an international large factory from coreless to cored, from the proliferation of fake machines to the present, and there are countless manufacturers that have fallen in the past decade, so who will be the biggest winner of the double twelfth? Huawei is blessed with seven firsts.

If not for the recent disaster, it can be concluded that Huawei has become the biggest winner among mobile phone manufacturers in 2018. Apple and Samsung are looking at three points, but the difficulty is only temporary. In a series of actions, Huawei's 5g journey is also slowly getting into normal. Many countries in Europe begin to support Huawei. Huawei has benefited from the misfortune this time, not only has it gained more More support, but also mobile phone sales, technology products on the opening.

In the "double Twelfth" middle school that just ended, Huawei has made great contributions to everyone. It stands out among the technological products. It has won the first place in as many as seven categories. It has achieved the first place in its own strong competitive products by cutting through thorns and thorns. Huawei mate20 Pro has become the most popular flagship of Huawei, ranking first in sales at the price of more than 3000 yuan, surpassing apple and Samsung. In terms of total sales, Huawei has also surpassed apple, becoming the No. 1 manufacturer in sales at the double twelve. On the surface of a series of data, Huawei has not been defeated by misfortune, but has become more and more brave in supporting Huawei, and has begun to resist the impulse of apple 。

Huawei has won the first place in seven categories in the double twelve, including notebook, tablet, smart bracelet, smart watch, Huawei router, high-end router and smart furniture. Huawei has become the biggest winner in the double twelve. I think it has some contributions from you. From this point, Huawei has benefited from misfortunes, orders and Yes.

Today's Huawei has officially opened its door. Just now, good news from Finland and Huawei have been cooperating closely. Germany, France and Portugal have offered olive branches. In this huge 5g operation, China has overcome all difficulties. It has not only gained respect, but also obtained orders. 23 5g contracts are the most favorable witness. CEO in office Xu Zhijun said that Huawei's revenue this year has been realized In 2018, Huawei's R & D is expected to achieve a breakthrough of 100 billion, serving more than 150 countries and billions of people around the world, covering the construction of 1000 sets of 5g base stations. Huawei is so unstoppable.

Now, in the past, Huawei has become the biggest winner. Yu Chengdong has also posted a thank-you note. Let's make the storm stronger. Huawei will not give in!