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What if I get drunk? What is a reliable solution to alcohol?

What to do when drunk? The 13 fastest ways to get rid of alcohol. Although everyone knows that drinking hurts the body, but because of the scene and human feelings, sometimes we have to drink, and drunk is more common. How to get rid of drunk has become an urgent problem for drunk people to know.

1. Sugar cane wine

1 sugarcane, peeled, juiced.

2. Salt dissolves wine

Drinking too much makes the pleura uncomfortable. Can add a little salt in boiled water, drink down, can sober up immediately.

3. Citrus peel

Bake and grind the orange peel, add 1.5g salt, and cook the soup.

4. White radish for wine

One kilogram of white radish, mash it into mud and take the juice several times. You can also add some brown sugar to the radish juice. You can also eat raw radish.

5. Orange wine

Orange (fresh orange can also be) 3-5, juice drinks, or food.

6, olive

(green fruit) 10 wine dissolving olives, take the meat and fry it.

7. Sweet potato wine

Mince the raw sweet potato, add some sugar and stir to take it.

8. Fresh lotus root wine

The fresh lotus root is washed and mashed into lotus root mud, and the juice is taken for drinking.

9. Unripe pear and solve wine

Eat pear or squeeze pear juice to drink.

10. Sober up with milk

Drunk can drink some milk, in order to make the protein coagulate, protect the gastric mucosa, reduce the absorption of alcohol.

Bean curd: when drinking a lot, add a bean curd to make dishes, which can promote the rapid elimination of ethanol in the body.

11. Pistachio sobers up

When drunk, take 1-2 preserved eggs, dip them in vinegar and take them to sober up.

Egg white sobering up method: when drunk, take 1-2 raw egg white to protect the gastric mucosa and reduce the absorption of alcohol.

Jellyfish sober up method: take 100g fresh jellyfish, wash it clean, add water, fry soup and drink clothes, you can sober up.

12. Tea sobering up method

After drinking, make a cup of strong tea, and then add some lemon juice into it to turn it into a slightly acidic tea, which is very effective for sobering up, because the tannic acid in tea can relieve the acute alcohol and drowsiness.

13. Orange juice and mung bean

After drinking, people will generally have dizziness, headache and even nausea and vomiting, so let the drinker wake up by eating some sour oranges, and then buy a bowl of mung bean soup, or quickly boil some mung bean soup for TA to eat. This method is also very good, because mung bean is a natural detoxification expert.