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How about taoji app? Are the items on taojiji authentic

Recently, a software named taojiji has attracted the attention of many shopping users. This is a new shopping platform. The little friends who haven't bought it here will ask taojiji how is it? Are the things on taojiji authentic? Come and have a look.



I'm a regular customer of taojiji. I've bought clothes and daily necessities on it before. I like it very much. It's low price and good quality. This time, I just saw a new batch of baixiangguo on the shelf. I was interested in it and was hanged up in an instant. I immediately pulled up my "three aunts and six aunts" and bought it together. It will be delivered in a few days.

Enthusiastic netizen:

I just received my socks from taoji. The packing is carefully packed in bags without any damage.

Liu Xin Yu:

Just downloaded, bought a car wash gloves, do not know whether it will be delivered? Customer service is a robot, just reply to those words, the phone has been busy, no one cares, really, although less than 10 yuan, but if it is really cheated, it is still very uncomfortable!

Enthusiastic netizen:

Taojiji is a liar. I bought things in taojiji on September 1. After a few hours, the information was gone. They didn't want to check their customer service. Although not much money, it was embezzled by taojiji. I'm looking forward to contacting me when taojiji sees this message.

Editor's analysis:

Judging from the comments of the above netizens, there are different opinions, indicating that it is still a question to be discussed, but you can buy some things with several yuan to try, which will not be too bad.

The above is the introduction of taoji collection that Xiaobian brought to you. I hope it can help you and leave a message for Xiaobian if you have any questions.