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What are the procedures of household registration in Foshan? Foshan household registration transfer

Due to the characteristics of China's national conditions and different local household registration systems, we often encounter the situation of household transfer. What are the procedures of household transfer in Foshan? With the editor to see Foshan account transfer process list for you to answer.

Internal migration and external access conditions

(1) Employment, recruitment and transfer

(2) Set up entities and public welfare undertakings in our city

(3) Those who are not registered permanent residents in our city and do business or get employment in our city can apply for entering the city if they have a fixed residence in the city and meet one of the conditions.

(4) House purchase

(5) Immediate family members join in the household

(6) Family members in the army

(7) Demobilized, demobilized and transferred soldiers

(8) Students' enrollment, graduation distribution, graduation, dropping out and returning home

(9) Adoption of children

(10) Release after sentence, release through labor, release on parole and admission of medical personnel on parole

(11) Overseas Chinese, compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan settled in

(12) People who have cancelled their registered permanent residence abroad will return to their home country to restore their registered permanent residence

(13) The documents of the provincial and municipal governments clearly stipulate that other people who are resettled and settled in the city shall enter the house

(14) In the above-mentioned access conditions outside the city, those who violate the relevant provisions of family planning and children born outside the policy will not be allowed to move in within five years from the date of decision.