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How often does the brush head of the electric toothbrush change? Is toothbrush head universal

as we all know, electric toothbrush is more practical than ordinary toothbrush. And it's very light and energy-saving, especially suitable for lazy people. How often is it better to change the brush head of the electric toothbrush? Can the brush head of the electric toothbrush be universal? For people who use the electric toothbrush, these knowledge must be understood.

How to change the brush head of electric toothbrush

It's easy to remove the brush head directly when replacing it. There are some brush heads that need to be rotated and pulled out. This kind of brush head can fit more tightly. Nowadays, many brands of toothbrush use metal tenon, which looks a little taller. In fact, it's better to put the motor in the brush head position. The handle is not so shaking.

Is the head of electric toothbrush the same

Dissimilarity. So when buying the brush head of electric toothbrush, don't buy it casually. One should ask the model clearly. The design of brush head of different brands is different. Even if the design of brush head of a brand is different, the design of different models is also different. The different structure will make the force of brush head uneven when swinging the head. Therefore, each manufacturer has its own design patent, which can make the force of brush head more scientific and effective 。

Is the electric toothbrush head universal

Generally, it can not be used in general. There are adults and children in the brush heads. These two sizes are different. In these two sizes, the brush heads of different models can not be used in general. Even the brush heads of the same brand are not used in general. When purchasing the brush heads, we must buy them according to the models. In this way, we are afraid that the user will buy the wrong brush heads and try to ask the user to buy the same brush heads. If there are other types of brush heads at home, you can see if they are installed. If they are installed, they can be used.

How long can the brush head of electric toothbrush last

It usually needs to be replaced in 3 months. People see that the electric toothbrush head is very good, so they won't change it in a hurry. However, after using the brush head for a period of time, the brush hair will become rough and may damage the gums, so it's not recommended to use it again. Moreover, the effect of the new brush head is 30% more than that of the brush head after 3 months.

How to choose the brush head of electric toothbrush

It is better to choose a small brush head, which is too big to wash into the teeth and the inside of the teeth, while the small brush head can penetrate into the teeth on both sides of the mouth, so the cleaning effect is better.

Try to choose a small head but not too small. How big is it? Generally, the length of the brush head can cover 2 teeth and the width is not more than 4 rows of bristles.

The bristles are also exquisite. If the bristles are too soft, it is good for the teeth, but it is not easy to clean the plaque on the teeth. If the bristles are too hard, the cleaning efficiency is high, but it is easy to damage the teeth and gums. So the manager chooses soft hair, but not too soft.

How often does the brush head of the electric toothbrush change

It is usually changed every three months. It can also be changed once every 1 to 2 months. If you use a brush head for a long time, there will be more and more bacteria on it. Unless you take good care of it, you can wash it after brushing. Even if you wash it often, after 3 months of use, the friction of the brush head will be greatly reduced and the teeth cannot be cleaned very well.