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What programs will the Spring Festival unit prepare for the annual meeting in 2019? Program preparat

2018 is the end of the year. The Spring Festival of 2019 is coming soon. All units are busy preparing the programs for the Spring Festival Gala. The planners of some units can't think of any good programs if they want to break their heads. What festivals and annual meetings will the Spring Festival of 2019 prepare? Program preparation process of the annual meeting of the company.

1. Host opening remarks

To hold the annual meeting, we must invite a handsome man and a beautiful woman to be the host of the program, so as to attract the audience's attention, and the opening line must be novel, not the same as in previous years, and think about new lines.

2. Opening dance + song

The formal opening of the party, first of all, is the festive dance music and songs, so that the audience can feel a strong festival atmosphere.

3. Popular songs on the Internet in 2018

It's better to choose some popular online songs in 2018 as the content of the program, because the current network is so developed, as long as a song is sung, the street knows the street, the street hears the street, and the young and the old know it. Like "we are not the same" is not a lot of people sing it?

4. About pigs

Because 2019 is the year of the pig and the golden pig is celebrating the new year, we can choose some themes about pigs to make sketches, which will surely attract the audience's attention and make them laugh.

5. Magic show

Magic show is also indispensable, but it needs professional people to perform. If there are no such people in your own unit or factory, you can pay to invite people from outside. Because this program is so popular, how can this program be absent in the year?

6. Lottery

This is a program that many employees like, and also the most expected program of the whole night. You must add this to the program list, otherwise the employees who attend the annual meeting will be disappointed.