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What are the programs of Spring Festival Gala 2019? Yue Yunpeng and Sun Yue have been selected

The 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala has officially entered the stage of program internal audit. In the language program internal audit just completed on December 11, Feng Gong, the first person of the Spring Festival Gala, and Yue Yunpeng, the top comedian of Deyun club, both passed. Without accident, they will join hands with Jia Xuming and Sun Yue to step on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala of the year of the pig. The programs of regular guests of the Spring Festival Gala, such as Pan Changjiang and Cai Ming, are still confirmed. It is rumoured that they will be restored Chen Peisi and Zhao Benshan did not show up.

With the time coming into December, the year of the pig in 2019 is getting closer and closer, and the annual CCTV Spring Festival Gala is also in the preparation period. It is understood that this year's language programs have gathered a lot of new and old comedians. In the internal review on the 11th, Yue Yunpeng, Feng Gong, Miao Fu, Sun Yue, Jia Xuming and others appeared on the scene, performing their respective programs.

As we know, this year's program pays more attention to the combination of entertainment effect and cultural connotation. For example, Yue Yunpeng and Sun Yue performed a crosstalk to show traditional culture, Feng Gong and Jia Xuming, on the other hand, have brought a crosstalk performance of Chinese poetry. Both of them are based on the deep local culture, and they have carried out profound innovation and creation, so that they can achieve the effect of both refined and popular.

With a clear direction and novel style, the two groups of stars are like fish in water. The on-site effect is very good. They successfully passed the internal audit and got the ticket to enter the stage of the Spring Festival Gala of the year of the pig. This will also be Feng Gong's 33rd time on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, not only ranking first in comedy language programs, but also the first person among all the actors, which can be called the evergreen tree of the Spring Festival Gala stage. The Spring Festival Gala is coming. It can be predicted that the three generations of comedians, Feng Gong, Yue Yunpeng and so on, will offer wonderful programs to the audience. However, it has to be said that the stage competition of the Spring Festival Gala is too fierce. Every year, many excellent actors are unable to participate in the performance. For example, this year, it is reported that pace and Zhao Benshan will return, which can not prove that the news also indirectly explains the audience and netizens' period Wait, in addition, there are Fan Wei, Pan Changjiang and other stars also deeply rooted in people's hearts, and they are widely praised every time they play.

Although the audience is full of expectations, it is impossible for everyone to have the chance to step on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala. Sadly, Shan Tianfang, Shi Shengjie, Chang Baohua and Chang Guitian have already left the world forever. I hope that the future Spring Festival gala will give more space to the old artists and leave no more regrets.