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Why don't Chinese eat cat meat? The ancients had eaten it for a long time!

Chinese people have a diet culture that treats dogs as food, but they don't have the habit of eating cats. Why don't Chinese eat cat meat?

According to compendium of Materia Medica, cat meat is used for "main labor, rat fistula, and poisonous insects". According to "seeking truth from Materia Medica", cat meat can be used for "nourishing blood and treating scrofula". It seems to ancient people that cat meat is more suitable for medicine than for eating. However, the well-known compendium of Materia Medica records that the taste of cat meat is' poor cat meat, not into food, so it's rare '. See? Ancient people said that cat meat is not delicious.

Some people say that cat meat tastes sour, so it doesn't taste good. As for the truth, we can't know, because modern society doesn't allow us to hurt this kind of animal. It's not that the Chinese don't eat it. The Chinese eat cat meat. There is a famous dish "dragon and tiger fight" in Guangdong. However, it's hard to see it now. I don't think many of them would like to eat it.

From the spiritual level, in fact, many people will have a little fear. It is said in China that cats have nine lives. Although the meaning of cats in foreign countries is not good, there are many sayings about "nine lives of cats" in China, so people think that cats belong to auspicious animals. Chinese people are reluctant to eat animals with this moral. Even in Guangdong, there must be few people who want to eat dragon and tiger fights.

From the perspective of life, China has always been a large agricultural country, and grain storage is very important. But the most feared animal in the granary is the rat, and the cat is the natural enemy of the rat. The rat not only steals food, but also infects diseases. In people's eyes, there is only one purpose of keeping the cat, that is to prevent and control the rat's disease. Therefore, in many ancient grain storage warehouses, there are several cats in charge of catching the rat. If the cat is eaten, the rat's disease is rampant, and the gain is not worth the loss.

In modern society, cats have become pets of human beings, not to mention wild cats. Those domestic cats who are kept at home conquer human beings with their lovely appearance. Can you see the lovely face of cats and be willing to eat it? So in conclusion, cats are not suitable for human's delicious food. Looking at the whole world, there are very few areas to eat cats, which means that cats are not delicious first, and they are too long Adorable.