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When will spring festival 2019 start? Is the pre-sale period of Spring Festival high-speed rail tick

Spring Festival is coming, netizens are waiting for it. When will spring festival 2019 start? Has the pre-sale period of Spring Festival high-speed rail tickets started?

When will train tickets be available in 2019 Spring Festival? What is the pre-sale time?

According to the announcement issued by China Railway Customer Service Center, from December 12, 2017, the pre-sale period of Internet and telephone booking for passenger train tickets of main trunk lines in China has been restored to 30 days.

The Spring Festival 2019 is from January 21, 2019 to March 1, 2019, so the pre-sale period of high-speed rail tickets for Spring Festival 2019 starts from December 23, 2018.

Spring Festival high-speed rail ticket pre-sale schedule 2019

The first day of advance sale of 2019 Spring Festival is on December 23, 2018, and the last day of advance sale of 2019 Spring Festival is on January 31, 2019.

Purchase of train high-speed rail tickets for Spring Festival 2019

Points and membership system for train tickets

From December 20, 2017, a natural person who has reached the age of 12 can actively apply for and complete identity authentication on 12306 website (including mobile app), special window of the station and other channels, and then become a regular passenger member of "free Railway". The valid certificates for applying for railway frequent flyer members include ID card, pass for Hong Kong and Macao residents to and from the mainland, pass for Taiwan residents to and from the mainland, passport, etc.

How to change points

Purchase of train high-speed rail tickets for Spring Festival 2019

Regular railway passenger members will get corresponding riding points when purchasing tickets, and the points will be accumulated according to the ticket price they purchased. The accumulated points shall be 5 times of the face value of the ticket, i.e. 500 points will be obtained for the passenger who purchases 100 yuan ticket. For the first time, if the score reaches more than 10000 points, you will be eligible to exchange points, which can be used to exchange train tickets of the train number designated by the railway department. The passenger who uses the ticket exchanged can be either the member himself or the transferee set by him.

Wechat payment is available for online ticket purchase and replacement

Since November 23, 2017, the wechat payment function of 12306 website of China Railway Customer Service Center has been put into trial operation, and the station ticket windows and ATM self-service ticket machines in major cities across the country will gradually support wechat code scanning payment.

Free service charge for remote ticket collection

Since October 1, 2017, the national railway has cancelled the service charge for non local ticket sales. In the future, the service charge of RMB 5 will not be charged for the ticket window of the railway station or the window of the selling point.

EMU opens' seat selection 'function

From October 12, 2017, the "independent seat selection" convenience service for EMU trains was launched. When purchasing tickets on 12306 website or mobile client, the system will automatically provide seat diagram for you to choose.

Valid certificate for taking the train

Second generation resident ID card, temporary ID card, household register, PLA soldier security card, officer card, armed police officer card, soldier card, military cadet card, military civilian cadre card, military retired cadre card, valid passports that can be used according to regulations, Hong Kong and Macao residents to mainland pass, people's Republic of China to Hong Kong and Macao pass, Taiwan residents to mainland pass Bank card, mainland resident's pass to Taiwan, alien's residence permit, alien's entry-exit card, diplomat's card, consulate's card, seaman's card, alien's identity certificate issued by the Ministry of foreign affairs, passport loss report certificate issued by the entry-exit administration department of local public security organ, and temporary identity certificate of passenger train issued by the railway public security department. In addition to the above 23 kinds of train ticket purchase documents, the valid identity documents of minors over 1.5m in height also include student cards.