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Is bean paste lipstick good-looking? A comparison of the red numbers of the first-line brands with d

In the past two years, Dousha lipstick began to be more popular, and was deeply loved by many girls' paper. A new force suddenly rises. The color of the white bean paste is based on the nude color. The rose color has become the essential tool for this year's star N. But the brand of Dousha lipstick is different. Let's see what's changed.

What is bean paste?

The bean sand color is between coffee color and dark red. The color can be pink, brown and red. There is no absolute definition.

It is basically suitable for Asian people with yellow skin, and can be held in any occasion. Small to daily work, ordinary dating, big to talk about business, see parents and so on, properly beheading men, beheading customers, beheading future mother-in-law.

There will be a big difference when the bean paste is applied to different lip colors and lights, but it will be close to your own lip color as a whole. The most accurate description is my lips but better.

How to choose the color of Dousha

In fact, Dousha color is not very picky, which is one of the reasons for its fire. No matter the crooked nuts or Asians, white skin or yellow skin, they become gentle, virtuous and elegant. But different skin color and lip shade do affect the final lip makeup.

Generally speaking, the more white and pink the skin color, the more suitable it is to use light tone bean paste, such as tobacco powder bean paste, or Emma Watson.

A girl with a yellowish complexion or a deep lip color creates a different style with rose bean paste with a purplish red hue. Here, you can refer to her cousin Liu Wen.

Is it spicy? What good things do you have to chop your hands on, such as tobacco powder, milk tea and rose bean paste?!

[tobacco powder and bean paste]

Smoke powder and bean paste is based on the nude color, adding the pink tone, which will often make the lip color appear the youngest and can restore to the most young girl's lip color. Only naked pink lipstick, will give people, obviously feel no makeup, but super beautiful feeling.

Armani red tube Lip Glaze

Red God's classic Dousha color, mature and elegant, without lethality and aggression. Rose bean sand color, can resist elder sister but temperament can be gentle but sweet.

The bean sand color of partial powder is gentle and lovely. Straight man can't see you're wearing makeup! Yellow skin can also be used. Lipstick has a very pleasant feel on the mouth, and it can slightly cover lip lines and imperfect lip lines.

Bourjoys velvet Color Lip Glaze

In addition to foundation and powder, Paris's home is also used by many people. The color will be lighter, more pink.

It's a bit more pink than No. 7. The color of No.9 is very eye-catching, and the plain face is completely free of pressure. Moistening is not bad. Although it's Armani's replacement, its texture and durability are poor.

[milk tea and bean paste]

Milk tea bean paste is probably the most widely used bar, extremely friendly to yellow skin. I have a milk tea bean paste, which changes from beauty to immortality to goddess. That's about it. =

NARS hot lipstick

Self recommendation! I love the NARS series of lipstick, the shell is black paint design, the magnet head design is very texture. Classic matte texture, thick paste, strong coverage, but not very dry.

The color is the necessary bean sand color for nude makeup. It's not too light and not too bold. There's no sense of disobedience in plain face painting. It's very friendly to deep lipped people! It will be orange on the surface, without fluorescence.

Burberry velvet mist, lipstick, lipstick, #405

The color of this one is a little pink rose and coffee, which is unexpectedly more suitable for the younger fairy. After the mouth is very gentle, gentle to speak loudly feel guilty. The texture is very moist, suitable for girls with dry lips. However, the apparent chromaticity is not particularly high.

[rose bean paste]

The gentle and introverted bean sand color combines with the bright rose red color. Some of them will be purplish red. They don't choose the skin color. The yellow girl can set off the unique beauty.

1. Estee Lauder adores lipstick

The famous "big cousin color" and red bean paste color are more suitable for our Asians. Smooth texture, good coating, covering power is also good, coating is very temperament.

Deep lip color and deep skin color can also be hold, with a slight purple tone, it looks very dignified and steady. Mousse like texture, enough moisture and not show lip lines and bright.

NARS velvet lipstick pen #Dolce Vita

Speaking of bean paste, Nars's Velvet lipstick #Dolce Vita is also popular. Almost every beauty blogger will have one. This Dousha color is a little powdered inside, which can be called the ancestor of Dousha color.

It's smooth and moisturizing. However, the chromaticity is not very high. You need to paint it back and forth several times.

YSL black tube Lip Glaze

YSL's black tube Lip Glaze is really super invincible. It's too hot to have friends.

Can't refuse! A very cold and gorgeous rose with bean sand color, looks like the whole show is open, so cool that you need to call crazily! There's no reason why beauty bloggers recommend it.

Which one do you like?