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Which city in China has the most difficult dialect to understand? The outsider can't understand the

There are many kinds of dialects in China, some of which are close to Putonghua, some of which are on the same track. There is such a list on the Internet - "top ten most difficult dialects in China", among which Fujian's Minnan dialect, Jiangsu's Suzhou dialect and so on are well listed. So, do you know which dialect is the most difficult to understand?

The answer is Wenzhou dialect in Zhejiang Province. It is often used to make fun of the saying: 'God is not afraid, but Wenzhou people are afraid to speak Wenzhou dialect'. Even some people call Wenzhou dialect 'ghost talk'. The difficulty of Wenzhou dialect can be imagined. We will not describe it here any more.

Why is Wenzhou dialect so difficult? The reason is that there are too many kinds of Wenzhou dialect, and the differences between different dialects in the same area are also very large. Wenzhou is located in the border area of Southern Wu and Minnan languages, which leads to the complexity and diversity of dialects in Wenzhou to a large extent.

Because of the great differences between dialects, it is often difficult for Wenzhou people to communicate because of the different dialects they master. Some people said with a smile: Wenzhou dialect, not only strangers can't understand it, but also the local people in Wenzhou are confused!

Wenzhou dialect (Ou dialect), the most widely used and numerous dialect in Wenzhou, is an important branch of Wu dialect in the south. It is one of the most complete dialects that retain the characteristics of Chinese common language in Tang and Song dynasties. It is of great research value and is rated as the most difficult one to learn in China. [

Because of these characteristics of Wenzhou dialect, Wenzhou has become a treasure land worthy of exploitation in the eyes of linguists. Scholars studying ancient languages have come here to carry out academic research. There are many features of retaining ancient sounds and rhymes in the sentences of Wenzhou dialect, and there are many phenomena of ancient words and idioms.

Many researchers are interested in these characteristics of Wenzhou dialect. They combine Wenzhou dialect with Chinese history and use dialect to contrast the historical phenomenon of Chinese. In the process of these studies, there are also many interesting topics.

In addition to the difficulty of dialects, Wenzhou is also a city that impresses the world. For example, Wenzhou people are smart and capable, and most of them have business talents. Therefore, Wenzhou has a strong business atmosphere and a good business environment. Many people who want to do business are attracted to come here, but if foreigners want to develop well in Wenzhou, they need to overcome the big problem: how to understand Wenzhou dialect.