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How is it to be able to blush when drinking? Can people who drink face drink?

Some people are born to be unable to drink. Every time they drink, they will have the symptom of blushing, which makes many people wonder why they feel blushing every time they drink. Every time I drink, I blush. What's the matter?

The first is blushing caused by acetaldehyde.

Some people attribute their blushing to alcohol, but this is not the case. Alcohol does not cause obvious blushing symptoms, but acetaldehyde does. In the process of drinking alcohol, alcohol will be converted into acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is not good for people's health. Some people will show that the whole face is red like an apple. Some people with very serious conditions will even have red dots on their faces, which will disappear in about 1 to 2 days. In case of blushing caused by excessive acetaldehyde, it's better to advise these people not to drink alcohol at ordinary times, or try to avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible.

The second is due to liver problems.

The liver belongs to the detoxification organ of the human body. During the process of drinking, the liver is also in continuous operation. Many people who often like drinking alcohol are very prone to alcoholic liver cancer, which is because of the abnormal operation of the liver. While some people drink a small amount of alcohol, they blush every time they drink, because the detoxification function of the liver is weak, and they can not carry out alcohol Absorption and interpretation lead to dizziness, blushing or purples during drinking.

The third reason is because of mental stress.

Excessive mental tension may also cause blushing during drinking. In a relatively relaxed state, the frequency of drinking and blushing will be relatively small, and if your spirit is very tense, then the possibility of blushing will be relatively large.

There may be many reasons for blushing. Generally, it is caused by physiological reasons. You should decide whether to drink according to your specific situation. If you have serious physiological diseases, it is suggested to avoid drinking. Some people think that people who are prone to blush can't drink, but in many cases it is the opposite. These patients who are prone to blush often have a relatively high tolerance for alcohol and are not prone to get drunk. Sometimes, although the whole face has been flushed, it will not affect these people's drinking, but will make these people drink more and more.