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Can pregnant women have bath masters? Does bathing and bathing bully radiate the fetus

Yuba is a good partner for bathing and heating in winter, but there will be some radiation or harm. So can pregnant women use bath light? What's the effect on the body when pregnant women bathe and open bath light? Let's get to know. For the sake of the health of the fetus, pregnant women should try not to take a bath.

1、 Can pregnant women use bath lamp

Of course it can. In fact, Yuba is equivalent to a high-power incandescent lamp. It converts electric energy into heat energy, and has no other effect except heat.

Using bath bar can quickly increase the temperature of bathroom and prevent pregnant women from catching cold. Pregnant women have poor resistance. If they catch cold accidentally, it is easy to cause other diseases, especially in the cold winter. Therefore, it is necessary for pregnant women to use bath bully.

2、 Is it harmful for pregnant women to use bath bully

1. The radiation is very small. Don't worry

Many expectant mothers worry that Yuba's infrared radiation will cause harm to the fetus. In fact, when Yuba is used, it produces less radiation, equivalent to one sixth of the mobile phone. The radiation is relatively weak, which will not cause great harm to pregnant women and fetus.

2. Yuba hurt eyes with light

Yuba's radiation mainly refers to infrared radiation, and the main damage is eyes. Please do not look at the bulb directly when bathing. In addition, the baby also needs to pay attention to bathing after birth. Do not put the tub directly under the bath bully to prevent the baby from long-term gaze and eye injury.

3. Don't use the bath bully too long

If a pregnant woman takes a bath under the bath bully for a long time, strong light can easily burn her eyes. If you use Yuba for a long time, it is easy to have dizziness, insomnia, inattention, loss of appetite and other symptoms. So pregnant women can use bath bully? Yes, but it is recommended that pregnant mothers use bath bully for not too long. Because although Yuba's radiation is very small, the long-term high temperature and strong light have a great impact on pregnant women.

3、 Precautions for pregnant women to use Yuba

1. Before the pregnant women take a bath, they should ask their families to close all the doors and windows of the bathroom, and then open the bath bully for 30 minutes to let the temperature of the bathroom rise, and then let the pregnant women enter the bathroom.

2. If pregnant women use bath Ba, but also pay attention to the water temperature, generally around 38 degrees is more appropriate.

3. Pregnant women should not take too long to bathe with a bath bully, generally not more than 15 minutes. Pregnant mothers who love to take a bath should pay attention to it.

4. Bath bully is best according to the central part of the bathroom, or near the bathtub, so that it is safe and can maximize its function.

5. When Yuba is working, it is forbidden to spray with water, otherwise, it is easy to cause power short circuit and other hazards.

6. Usually when using the bath heater, do not switch frequently, and when the bath heater is turned on, there should not be too much vibration around, otherwise it is easy to affect the service life of the heating bulb.