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Teach you how to make candy, orange, lung moistening, cough relieving, and how quickly to make some

Kumquat has the effect of promoting body fluid, relieving thirst, resolving phlegm and promoting appetite, regulating qi and eliminating food. So every dry season in autumn and winter, I will buy some kumquat to make delicious kumquat. The made iced sugar kumquat can be used to drink in water, which is good and appetizing. Children on fire, small cough small asthma, also might as well give children to eat a few, expectorant effect is very good.

Now kumquat is on the market. Go and buy some to make it!

Ingredients: 500g kumquat, 180g crystal sugar

Method 1: Ingredients: Iced sugar and kumquat

Practice 2. Soak the kumquat in warm water for a while and scrub it

Practice 3, in the side of the kumquat vertical row a few knives, squeeze out the core.

Practice 4, all in turn

Practice 5. Put it into a small boiler, add in the sugar and half a cup of water

Practice 6. Put it on the fire and cook it in low heat.

Practice 7, boil for a while, the ice sugar melts the soup juice to be able to be many, continues the small fire to boil.

Practice 8, boil until the kumquat is transparent and the soup is thick, then turn off the fire.

Practice 9. The cooked kumquats are crystal clear

Finished product! After cooking, it can be put into the bottle and sealed for preservation. It is very convenient to take it as you eat.