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Tiktok what's the use of the hot search list? How to check the tiktok list?

The tiktok tiktok tiktok is the latest online feature, similar to micro-blog's list. How can we check the list of the hot button? Can we buy it by the loud noise? Jitter recently said that the hotline search function should be launched on line to enable users to choose Hot Videos tiktok based on the hot list.

Tiktok: a hot check list:

Tiktok's tiktok function has been tested for some time. Now, when the official announcement is on the line, we can search the upper left corner of the jitter, so that six hot searches will be made for you to check.

And the online list function will further rank the key words according to the heat level, which is similar to the tiktok function of micro-blog. It is estimated that the "shake up" will also be used to bid for the hot search location, which is good news for operators.

The way to check the tiktok is simple. You can find it below the search bar.