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Who are the top 10 men in the world today?

If you say who can fight the most in the world today, you may think of MMA comprehensive wrestling, and UFC is undoubtedly a competition gathering the world's top comprehensive wrestlers. There are top-notch wrestlers from all over the world in this competition, and who can fight the most is the heavyweight. The following editor will show you the world ranking list of UFC heavyweight.

The first place, comer Daniel, 39 years old from the United States, is 180, weight, 112 kg, arm exhibition 183. He is the current UFC heavyweight champion, light heavyweight champion, and the second double champion of UFC after the muzzle gun, with a record of 21-1-10ko.

The second place, stip minouch, 36 years old from the United States, is 193 in height, 110 kg in weight and 203 in arm span. He is a former UFC heavyweight champion and the first person to break the magic spell and defend the heavyweight champion three times. He was nicknamed the most powerful man of 7.2 billion, with a record of 18-3-13ko.

The third place, Alexander Volkov, 29 years old from Russia, is 201 in height, 112 in weight and 206 in arm span. He is a heavyweight rookie of UFC. He has won several consecutive matches in the heavyweight of UFC, 30-6 and 20ko.

The fourth is Curtis Blythe, 27 years old from the United States. He is 193, 115KG, and 2 meters in arms. He is a strong and powerful UFC player. He plays very ferocious, 10-1 and 8ko.

Fifth place, Derek Lewis, 33 years old from the United States, is 191 in height and 120 kg in weight. He once ranked in the top 10 after beating iron blood, with a record of 20-5 and 17 Ko.

The sixth place, Francis Nagano, 31 years old from Cameroon, is 193 in height, 115KG in weight and 211 in arm span. He was the man who was most expected to become the next champion. Ko's ability is very terrible, with 11 wins, 3 losses and 8ko.

The seventh place, Alistair Owari, 38 years old from Holland, is 193 in height, 111 kg in weight and 203 in arm span. He is nicknamed "hammer" as a world-class player. He once won the k-1gp undifferentiated championship, with 43 wins, 16 losses and 21 ko17 surrender.

The eighth place, Fabricio Winton, 41 years old from Brazil, is 193 in height, 113kg in weight and 196 in arm extension. He is the world's most important ground jujitsu war, the world champion of Brazilian jujitsu, the black belt of jujitsu, and the former UFC heavyweight champion, with 23 wins, 8 losses and 6ko11 surrender.

Ninth place, Junio dos Santos, 34 years old from Brazil, is 193, 112 kg and 196 kg. He is a former UFC heavyweight champion, and one of the best heavyweight boxing and fall protection techniques of UFC, with a record of 19-5 and 12 Ko.

Mark hunt, a 44 year old Samoan from New Zealand, is one of the heaviest fists in UFC and one of the most powerful fighters. He is also the former k-1gp undifferentiated champion. His MMA record is 13-12-10ko.

Some people may ask if there are so many Chinese fighters who can compete with them. It's a pity that at present, there are fewer Chinese MMA heavyweight players. Many of them do not play UFC in domestic development. In a short time, no one may be able to reach the top ten of UFC, but other lighter levels are still promising.