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How about eating medlar before bed? What is the advantage of eating medlar before going to bed?

When it comes to wolfberry, the first thing we think of is to drink it in water. What's the good of eating wolfberry often? How about eating wolfberry before going to bed?

Lycium barbarum is a common health food in daily life. It is rich in carotene, vitamin A1, B1, B2, C, calcium, iron, etc. regular eating Lycium barbarum has a lot of benefits to human body, but most people drink it with Lycium barbarum water. In fact, eating '5' Lycium barbarum before going to bed can see three benefits if they stick to it for one month.

There are often people who have insomnia at night. When the family is sleeping, you are embarrassed to disturb. You can only lie in bed and flip the pancakes. Wolfberry can actually improve the quality of sleep. If you have insomnia and dreams, you should remember to eat wolfberry before you go to sleep at night. Wolfberry has a good improvement effect on insomnia and dreams. You can eat it for 20 days every day Sleep till dawn.

Now, no matter young people or children, they often play with their mobile phones for a whole day. However, the radiation of mobile phones to their eyes is very large, and they often feel dry, and eating wolfberry will make their eyes better and better. If they often have eye fatigue, dryness, unclear vision and dizziness, they can eat five wolfberries before going to bed at night. They will keep their eyes better for 20 days It's a lot brighter.

In fact, wolfberry is a beauty and beauty thing, which can make your skin better and better, because after eating wolfberry, the ability of the body's skin to absorb nutrients will be greatly improved, which will help skin whitening. So hold on for 20 days and you'll find your skin is better than before.

Now do you understand the benefits of Lycium barbarum? After all, sleep and dry eyes are the things we often feel headache in our daily life. Bad sleep means that it will affect our study and work the next day. Dry eyes will cause physical discomfort. You will not miss the beauty effect of beauty care. Go to buy some Lycium barbarum and eat it every day!