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What should I do if my iPhone crashes? What is the cause of the iPhone crash?

In the process of using all mobile phones, there will be a crash. Many people don't know what to do when the mobile phone crashes. It's a waste of time. Take Apple Mobile for example. What to do if the apple mobile phone crashes?

IPhone crash reason

IPhone 1, this happens when we use the iPhone. When we use an application, the whole phone suddenly crashes. No matter how we click on the screen, there is no response. This is because the iPhone crashes while the program is running.

2. If the system is stuck, the iPhone will crash.

How to deal with iPhone crash - Method 1

IPhone 1, double-click the "home" button on the main screen to open multi task background management until the icon swings. Then click the red 'minus' sign in the upper left corner of the icon, so that the blocked application is closed from the background, so that the iPhone can return to normal.

2. Try to hold the 'power' button on the top of iPhone all the time. Generally, iPhone will restart automatically and then return to normal state.

3. Press and hold the home key and power key on the main screen for more than 5 seconds at the same time to force the iPhone to shut down. Generally, the phone will go black, and then we press and hold the power key on the iPhone to turn on the phone.

4. Let the iPhone stay in a dead state until the power consumption is finished, and then turn off the phone, connect the charger, and then turn on the phone after charging for a period of time.

How to deal with iPhone crash - brush

IPhone brush machine is a kind of treatment method chosen only when none of the above methods works. If you are a novice, you'd better take it to the repair shop to brush it. Brush the machine as follows:

1. Press and hold the power key and home key at the same time until the white apple appears on the screen.

2. Then release the power button and don't release home until iTunes prompts you to find an iPhone in recovery mode.

3. Immediately press the shift key on the computer keyboard, and click the restore button on iTunes.

4. In the pop-up folder, find the firmware you downloaded to be brushed.

5. The iPhone will automatically restart, indicating that the upgrade is complete!

6. Then there will be a operator settings dialog box, click Cancel.