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What are the top ten fashion luxury goods in 2018? The latest release of global luxury brand ranking

luxury goods is a decade of China sponsored by the World Luxury Association and China Council for the promotion of international trade, and the latest global luxury brand list is released. Then, what are the top ten fashion luxury goods in the world in 2018? Let's get to know.

top 10 fashion luxury goods in the world:

First: LV (no doubt)

Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 in Paris, France. Louis Vuitton, the founder, is one of the most outstanding leather design masters in French history. A century later, Louis middot Vuitton became one of the top brands in the field of suitcases and leather goods, and a symbol of the upper class society. Nowadays, Louis & middot; Vuitton is not only limited to the design and sale of high-end leather goods and bags, but also has become a huge trend indicator in the fields of fashion, accessories, leather shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, media, famous wine, etc. Louis Vuitton plays an important role in the luxury industry.

Second: Hermes

Hermes 2011 brand value: $11.9 billion (released by brandz) ranks second in the world's luxury brands. The global daily search volume is 227000 times, ranking the fifth in the fashion luxury category. Hermes was founded in France in 1837. In its early years, it was famous for making high-grade harness in Paris, France. Hermes's most famous bags are Kelly's and Birkin's, starting at 50000 yuan, and even several million yuan. Due to the limited production of craftsmen, it will take about two years for them to make a global order. Even Princess Diana needs to wait. With the development of the times, Hermes has introduced bags, garments, scarves, perfume, enamel, jewelry and home furnishing luxury goods. After more than 170 years of ups and downs, the Hermes family has become a typical representative of global luxury through the joint efforts of generations. In addition, Hermes's sportswear is also very excellent. In 2011, Hermes won one of the top five "top leisure clothing brands in the world" selected by the world's top luxury research organization "rob report".

Third: Chanel

Chanel Chanel (also known as Chanel) 2011 brand value: 6.8 billion US dollars (released by brandz). The global search volume is 447000 times a day, ranking the second in fashion category after Lv. CHANEL Chanel was founded in 1913 in Paris, France. It is mainly engaged in high-end custom clothes, women's wear, perfume, make-up, skin care products, shoes, shoes, glasses, watches, jewelry accessories and other fashion luxury items. Well-known, far and near, especially her perfume and fashion. The chief designer is Karl Lagerfeld, known as the godfather of fashion, and also known as "the Buddha" in the fashion world. Chanel also launched Chanel No5 perfume in 1921, becoming the most profitable product in Chanel history. It has been on the long corridor of Hengyuan for a long time. So far, the official website of Chanel is still the focus of promoting products.

Fourth: Gucci (big love little bee)

Gucci, an Italian fashion brand, was founded by Guccio & middot; Gucci in Florence, Italy in 1921. Gucci's products include fashion, leather goods, leather shoes, watches, ties, scarves, perfume, home furnishing products and pet products. Chinese translation is Gucci.

Gucci brand fashion has always been famous for its high-end, luxury and sexy. It has become a consumer darling of the wealthy upper class society with the brand image of 'symbol of identity and wealth'. It has always been favored by business people, and it is fashionable and elegant. Gucci is now the largest fashion group in Italy.

Gucci -- timeless and classic, popular with stars. The brand inspiration comes from outstanding women such as actors, princesses and celebrities. Now its creative director, Frida Giannini, has pushed this long-standing brand to a new height. Its products include: classic shoes, luxury handbags, jewelry watches, etc.

On June 8, 2016, the 2016 brandz top 100 most valuable brands list was released, and Gucci ranked 80th.

Fifth: Armani (men should have an Armani jacket)

Armani's brand value in 2011: 3.8 billion US dollars (released by Interbrand). It is a world-famous Italian luxury brand, most famous for men's wear. Armani's footprints have covered more than 100 countries in the world. It has Giorgio Armani Le Collezioni, Emporio Armani, Armani junior and other series. The product extends from clothing to perfume, leather bags, jewelry, glasses and many other fields, and even to mainstream bar and hotel industry. In 1974, when George Armani's first men's fashion show ended, he gained the reputation of 'King of jackets'.

Sixth: Burberry

Burberry is a luxury brand with great British traditional style. Its multi-level product series meet the needs of consumers of different ages and genders. The company uses retail, wholesale and licensing methods to make its reputation worldwide. Burberry was founded in 1856 [1], and it is the royal royal household's article. In the past few decades, burberry mainly produces raincoats, umbrellas and scarves. Today, burberry emphasizes the traditional and noble British design, winning the hearts of countless people and becoming an eternal brand. Burberry, with a history of 160 years, is a famous brand with strong British style. It has long been a synonym for luxury, quality, innovation and eternal classics. Its windbreaker has a global reputation as a brand logo. Under the creative philosophy of Christopher Bailey, chief creative director of Burberry, the brand keeps up with the times. While full of modern sense and advocating the expression of the true self, it also inherits the original value concept and the brand tradition since its establishment in 1856.

Boboley's windbreaker and perfume have a high reputation in the world. Burberry with a British traditional design style, to the classic lattice pattern, unique fabric, generous and elegant. In addition to traditional costumes, Boboli extended the design tentacles to other fields and injected classic elements into perfume, fur, scarves, sweaters, shoes and other related products.

Seventh: Prada (queen in Prada)

Prada has become a world-renowned legendary brand in the development process of nearly one hundred years, through its commitment to creating a fashion concept with both classic colors and innovative spirit.

In 1978, this famous brand with a long history was endowed with new development elements and vitality. Miaccia, granddaughter of Prada founder, established a business partnership with Patrizio Bertelli, who had rich experience in luxury product production at that time. Miuccia Prada, as the chief designer of Prada, is constantly performing the legend of challenge and innovation through her talent in fashion. Patrizio Bertelli, a creative entrepreneur, not only established Prada's worldwide product distribution channel and mass production system, but also skillfully combined Prada's traditional brand concept with modern advanced technology.

After more than 20 years of hard work and struggle, this brand with a long history develops and evolves continuously. Through the tacit cooperation between Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli, prada has developed from a small family business to the world's top luxury brand.

Today, there are 166 directly operated Prada and Miu Miu boutiques in major cities and tourist attractions around the world. Located in Lishan building, Central Hong Kong, the shop is Prada's 170th boutique. These 'light green boutiques', whose unique design combines functionality and elegance, perfectly set off Prada's excellent products. Recently, prada epicentres flagship stores have been set up one after another. Their unique style is a new attempt to integrate shopping and culture.

At present, prada group has many famous international brands such as Prada, Jil sander, Church & rsquo; s, Helmut Lang, Genny and car shoe, and it also has the exclusive license of Miu Miu brand.

All Prada group's products are processed and produced under the jurisdiction of Prada spa in Tuscany, Italy, which is recognized as having the most advanced leather and footwear production process and technology. For mass production, Prada's requirements for high quality products are not lax at all. The idea of never compromising quality has become Prada's famous enterprise philosophy.

Eighth: findy

Fendi is a famous luxury brand in Italy. As the earliest leather family, Fendi is best known for its bag -- Fendi baguette handbag, which looks like a French stick and is designed by Silvia venturinifendi of the Fendi family.

In 1925, Fendi brand was founded by Adele · Fendi was formally founded in Rome, specializing in the production of high quality fur products 。 in 1955, Fendi fashion conference was held for the first time in 1955; in 1965, due to the accession of Carle · and Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi (FENDI) gradually increased the number of women's wear, men's wear, shoes and perfume. Subsequently, the company gradually grew and expanded its business scope to knitted apparel, swimwear and other categories, and even developed jewelry, men's perfume and so on. Up to now, Fandi brand has enjoyed a high reputation in the world's high-end fashion industry for its luxurious fur and classic handbags.

Ninth: Dior (your Audi, my Dior, our kid's Oreo)

Dior (CD for short) was founded in 1946 in France, the capital of fashion. The global daily search volume is 200000 times, ranking 7th in the fashion luxury category, and the brand value ranks 9th in the global fashion luxury category. In 1995, lady Dior handbag, the classic bag of Dior, won the favor of Princess Diana, making the bag famous and popular. Dior has always been a synonym for magnificence and elegance. Whether it's fashion, cosmetics or other products, Dior has always been at the top of the fashion palace. Dior mainly engaged in women's wear, men's wear, underwear, bags, leather shoes, jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, cosmetics, watches and other high-end consumer goods. Dior not only restored Paris to the position of fashion center after World War II, but also cultivated two famous design masters: Pierre & middot; Cardin, Yves & middot; Saint & middot; Laurent.

Tenth: Versace (Medusa is too classic)

Founded in 1978, sizer's brand logo is the mythical Medusa, the Gorgon, which represents a deadly attraction. Versace, a famous luxury brand from Italy, has created a unique fashion empire, representing a brand family. Its fashion products dominate every field of life. Its distinctive design style, unique beauty and strong vanguard art representation make it popular all over the world.

The design style of Versace is distinct, and it is the symbol of the unique vanguard art with strong aesthetic feeling. Among them, the most attractive and unique are those gorgeous and imaginative women's styles that display the characteristics of the Renaissance. They are sexy and beautiful, full of femininity and bright colors. They are not only opera style and super realistic gorgeous, but also fully consider the comfort of wearing and the proper shape modification. Versace also operates perfume, glasses, neckties, leather goods, bags, porcelain, glassware, scarves, down products and furniture products.