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Which three countries are the most powerful in Mathematics in the world? Brief introduction to the t

Mathematics is an important subject, which studies the relationship between quantity and space form. Mathematics can be divided into pure mathematics and applied mathematics. , mathematics has a high degree of abstraction and logicality, the universality of application and the accuracy of description. The power of mathematics often affects the power of a country. Mathematics is also very important for the development of the country. How many countries are there in the world's mathematical powers?

I. The United Kingdom

In the 17th-19th century, Britain, Germany and France were the great powers of Europe and mathematics. As early as in the 17th century, Newton invented calculus, using calculus to study many problems such as mechanics and celestial motion. From this example, it can be seen that England once led the trend in mathematics. It is one of the three mathematical powers.

2、 Russia

Russian mathematics began to rise in the 19th century, and then became one of the world's powerful mathematical countries in the 20th century. Especially in 1958, the Soviet Union successfully launched the first artificial earth satellite, shocking the world. It can be seen that the Soviet Union is in the leading position in the field of mathematics, and the Soviet Union attaches great importance to mathematics education, laying a good foundation Make great efforts to develop mathematics.

Three, the United States

The United States is a prosperous metropolis, which has become a mathematical superpower. Before the war, many European Jewish mathematicians were forced to immigrate to the United States, which strengthened the mathematical strength of the United States and made a great contribution to the economic strength. The United States is a powerful country among the three mathematical powers. Later, the United States strengthened the research and education of mathematics. The United States, which has a good foundation of Applied Mathematics in the fields of science and technology, industry and commerce, military departments and other industries, rapidly developed into a mathematical power. Later, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, the United States absorbed many excellent mathematicians.

Mathematics is an important subject. It can also broaden our horizons and make people smart. There are great differences between observing the world and thinking about problems. At present, the state strengthens and improves higher mathematics education to train more excellent students and innovative talents for the motherland.