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How about planting flowers and plants for balcony renovation? What are the precautions?

Now people pay more attention to the quality of life, and the requirements of home environment are more. Many people are willing to transform their balconies into flowers and plants, so that the atmosphere at home is more fresh and natural. It's good to plant flowers and plants on the balcony, but there are also many precautions. Let's have a look.

1、 Balcony flower selection

Rose, azalea and a series of flowers are more suitable to be placed on the balcony. Although the rose is colorful, it has thorns. It has the function of transforming evil spirit in Fengshui, which can stabilize the atmosphere. Rhododendron is a kind of bougainvillea, which is similar to Rhododendron in color, with dense leaves and sharp thorns. It's easy to plant, and it's also a good chemical plant.

2、 Balcony green plant selection

The balcony is relatively open, with sufficient lighting. You can choose evergreen, money tree, iron tree and other plants. Cactus can also be placed: the cactus stems are thick and fleshy, often covered with firm hairs and needles, and the tall cactus can be placed on the balcony to dissolve the external evil spirit.

From the perspective of auspiciousness, you can choose evergreen, money tree, iron tree, fortune tree, money tree, keel, jade unicorn, palm bamboo, etc.

3、 Avoid planting flowers and plants on balcony

It is suggested that flowers and plants should be placed in a place with sufficient daylighting and air. If plants are not exposed to sunlight, it will be difficult to play a role of tending to evil and avoiding good luck. Moreover, it is better for plants to keep evergreen, which is beneficial to store wind and air on Fengshui, and can flourish in residential gas field.

4、 Benefits of planting flowers and plants on the balcony

1. Closer to nature

Put some flower bonsai on the balcony with leisure function as the main part, which can add vitality, benefit human health and make people relaxed and happy.

2. Add comfort

Proper greening of the balcony can not only beautify the living space environment, but also help to improve the microclimate of the indoor space.

3. Can block out strong light

If you plant grapes, Parthenocissus and other climbing plants, you can beautify the balcony, but also in the midsummer season play a role in blocking the sun.