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It is the favorite bowl of a beautiful woman. It's equivalent to 30 facial masks. What is it?

Peach gum is the resin secreted from the bark of peach or mountain peach, also known as peach oil, peach fat, peach blossom tears, peach gum, peach gel, etc. Peach trees may produce wounds under the action of external forces. The secretion of peach gum is conducive to the self-healing of wounds. The relatively thick liquid evaporates through the sun to produce a solid, thus obtaining peach gum. Peach gum is mainly composed of galactose, rhamnose and & alpha; - glucuronic acid. It contains carbon water chemicals, fat, protein and plant collagen.

Women have the following advantages when they eat peach gum:

1, face up

Peach gum can effectively achieve the effect of beauty and beautification, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and have the effect of rejuvenation. If you take it for a long time, it can effectively delay the appearance of aging, making female friends love it.

2. Promoting body fluid to quench thirst

Peach gum has the effect of promoting body fluid. If we can eat more peach gum, we can supplement the water we need, not only to get enough water for our body, but also to make our skin look very tender.

3. Pain relief

Peach gum contains some effective ingredients, which can effectively relieve pain symptoms, such as galactose, which can relieve pain.

Peach Cole and tremella, lotus seeds, red dates and other ingredients collocation, more people, a bowl a week, a lot stronger than the mask!

Stewed Tremella with peach gum


Peach gum 15g / Tremella 1 / proper amount of crystal sugar/

Production steps

1. Soak the peach gum in water for more than 10 hours until there is no hard core. Soak the tremella in advance for an hour.

2. The peach gum soaked in hair is clear and transparent. Crush the peach gum by hand.

3. Remove the hair of the tremella and cut into small pieces. It can be boiled for a short time if it is cut a little bit.

4. Boil the shredded Tremella in the pot for 40 minutes, make it slightly sticky, and then put in the crushed peach gum.

5. Put in peach gum and cook for about 15 minutes. Then put in some ice sugar according to your taste. After boiling, you can turn off the fire and enjoy.

No.2 peach gum, tremella and lotus seed soup

Reply 1110 or peach gum, tremella and lotus seed soup to see the specific methods

No.3 honey fungus soup


100g peach gum / 20g soap rice Horn / 20g Tremella / 20g ice sugar / 800ml water / 15g dried Cranberry/

Production steps

1. Preparing food materials requires hair soaking

2. Zaojiao rice needs to be washed 2-3 hours in advance and then soaked in water

3. Peach gum needs to be soaked and cleaned 2 hours in advance. Peach gum is the gum secreted from the tree trunk of Rosaceae. It often contains impurities such as tree scurf. It needs to be cleaned constantly. Small impurities need to be helped by tools such as tweezers. Therefore, try to buy clean peach gum

4. Soak the hair 20 minutes in advance, remove the root and tear it into small pieces after cleaning

5. Put all the ingredients after cleaning into the stew cup according to the amount

6. Add water and sugar

7. Stew in water for about 3.5-4 hours

8. Add Cranberry

9. Stir it and drink it while it's hot