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After winter, what should we eat in terms of high incidence of cardiovascular disease and dietothera

When winter comes, cold weather is likely to cause contraction of human blood vessels, which is also the period of high incidence of cardiovascular disease. So when the weather turns cold, blood vessels are easy to block. What should we eat in terms of diet therapy?


The scientific name of orange is HuangGuo. Orange has a long history of planting. It originated in Southeast Asia at first, and then introduced into China. Orange is widely planted in China because of its high nutritional value and pharmacodynamic value. The efficacy value of orange was originally recorded in the ancient book "edible Materia Medica". Orange contains a variety of organic acids and vitamins, which can regulate human metabolism, especially for the elderly and cardiovascular patients.


Grapefruit trees belong to citrus trees of Rutaceae, and generally they are large in size. Grapefruit's efficacy has been widely spread among the people: 'diet, removing the bad breath in the stomach and intestines, detoxifying the alcohol, treating the breath of the drinker, not thinking about eating bland, resolving phlegm and relieving cough'. It has the functions of clearing the lung and phlegm, clearing away heat and detoxification, and ventilating the intestine. Grapefruit is also rich in organic acids, vitamins and many trace elements of inorganic salts. In addition, the pectin contained in grapefruit can reduce the damage of arterial wall, protect blood vessels from blocking and prevent cardiovascular disease.


Pear, which has been known as the "king of fruits" since ancient times, has been highly praised by people since ancient times. Pear has a variety of efficacy value. There is a famous food therapy shop in the folk, that is, boiled pear with ice sugar. Pears can clear the lungs and stop coughing, and cool the heart with fire. It is rich in vitamins and trace elements. Often eaten, it can enhance immunity, help the body detoxify, purify the body, soften blood vessels, and prevent cardiovascular blockage.