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What materials are needed to apply for Hong Kong and Macao pass? List of Hong Kong and Macao pass pr

According to the regulations, for the first time to apply for the "Hong Kong and Macao pass", you must go to the exit and Entry Administration Department of the public security bureau where your account is located in person, which cannot be entrusted to others or handled in other places. So, what materials are needed to apply for Hong Kong and Macao pass? List of Hong Kong and Macao pass handling procedures.

1、 The following information is required:

1. Original and copy of ID card;

2. Original and copy of household register;

3. The copy shall be A4 size (the front and back sides of ID card shall be copied, the home page of household register shall be copied, and the page you are on);

4. Two inch flat color recent photo with no crown on the front, blue background, dark collar top, photo size 48x33mm, head width 21-24mm, head length 28-33mm (photo must be taken in the photo shop designated by the Public Security Bureau, or in the exit and entry photo, remember to take the photo receipt, it is recommended to take photos in the exit and entry).

2、 Handling fee:

Cost of production 100 yuan

20 yuan for one effective endorsement (40 yuan for two effective endorsements)

The cost of photos and express delivery is about 50 yuan.

3、 Time limit:

Normally, it takes 15 working days

(for the first time, it needs to be approved and certified by provincial departments, which takes a long time, about 15 working days, or three weeks.)

4、 Procedures:

1. The applicant consults at the reception window, receives and fills in the application form for Chinese citizens to go abroad for private reasons. The staff informs the licensing conditions and materials to be submitted at one time.

2. Digital photographing: according to the requirements of certificate production, the applicant shall take photos at the digital photographing point designated by the accepting organ or the Public Security Bureau.

3. Go to the acceptance window to get the number and queue up.

4. The applicant shall submit the inspection materials to the acceptance window and receive the receipt. (you can choose postal express)

5. The applicant shall print the payment receipt with the receipt at the processing window.

6. The applicant shall pay at the bank with the payment receipt.

7. The applicant shall go to the acceptance window to collect the certificate with the bank charge document and receipt.