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China's top ten richest cities look at your hometown on the list?

When it comes to the richest and developed cities in China, we all think of the words "Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen". It is true that these cities have a large population and the most concentrated talents, which drive the economic development of our country. However, there are still several cities in our country with very rapid development speed, and some cities even need to catch up with these first tier cities. Let's see what there are. Is there your hometown?

1. Shanghai

In recent years, Shanghai's economic development is very fast. The export trade and economic development of Yangshan Port, the largest port, is very good. The financial industry is also very popular in recent years. Its annual economic output value reaches 3100.012 billion, ranking first among the richest cities in China. This city is a dream place for many people. There are countless rich people and giant businessmen living here. Shanghai's famous tourist attractions are Shanghai Oriental Pearl and Disney park. We are not strangers to this city because many TV plays are filmed in Shanghai.

Two, Beijing

Beijing is the most populous city in China, with many historical and cultural sites, such as the Great Wall Palace Museum. In fact, if you go to Beijing, you may feel the enthusiasm of the city. There are many immigrants from all over the world, most of whom are tourists. Moreover, the public security and environment of the city are very good. There are many tourist attractions, the city is very prosperous, and the city economy is developing The exhibition is very fast. At present, it is an international first tier city. Most importantly, there are all kinds of delicious snacks. Walking in the streets of Beijing, you will fall in love with the city.

Three, Fuzhou

Fuzhou is a coastal city, with the reputation of the top 50 cities with the strongest comprehensive strength. It is a national model city, a famous tourist city, and its economic zones have cultural centers. As early as 2014, the financial service center was listed in Forbes financial weekly as a model city and a first tier city in China. If you have been to Fuzhou, you will understand how rich the people in that city are. Many famous brand sports shoes are produced there.

Four, Guangzhou

There are many industrial bases and manufacturing centers in Guangzhou. We are familiar with clothing. There are many small commodities and clothing markets. People from all over the country go to Guangzhou to look for fashionable fashion. Guangzhou's economy is dominated by automobile manufacturing, petrochemical industry, port export trade and electronic products, among which industrial manufacturing is relatively developed, and it is one of the ten richest cities in China. At present, it has been recognized as an international metropolis by the State Council, among which Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are the three cities.

Five, Shenzhen

Shenzhen is an influential international metropolis. Once Deng Xiaoping, the national leader, established Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Since the reform and opening up, Shenzhen and Guangzhou have special policies to support their economy. Shenzhen is the most developed city in China's electronic products. Now Shenzhen has the reputation of being the design capital. The city there is very prosperous and the public security environment is relatively good. You can feel the charm of that seaside city when you go there.

Six, Hangzhou

Hangzhou is the hometown of Ma Yun, the richest man in China, and the first tier city in China. Speaking of Hangzhou, we will think of the West Lake in Hangzhou, where there is a very famous fairy tale Xu Xian and the white lady. Because the West Lake scenery is very beautiful and this legend has attracted many foreign tourists to Hangzhou. Hangzhou is a famous tourist city in China. There are also famous tourist attractions such as Yuelu Academy. It is said that there are many beauties in Hangzhou, and silk is also famous in the world. Friends who have not been to Hangzhou can go and play. It is a good city.

Seven, Tianjin

Tianjin is very close to Beijing. The city's economic development has been growing in recent years, especially the port free trade area, which has been listed. This is the only free trade experience area in northern cities. In the weekly of Finance and economics, it introduces the economic ranking of Tianjin, which has been listed in the first tier cities by the state. I have been to Tianjin and the city is very prosperous. The only bad thing is the poor air quality.

Eight, Suzhou

Suzhou is a city with a high smell of books. Suzhou garden, a famous tourist attraction in Suzhou, is a representative of Chinese garden. It has been honored as a famous historical and cultural city in China for more than 2000 years. At present, the state is fully supporting the urban and rural construction of Suzhou. Its main economic lifeblood is fisheries and tourism. In recent years, Suzhou's urban economic development has been growing rapidly. Next time, you can go to Suzhou gardens.

Nine, Wuxi

Wuxi is known as the Pearl of Taihu Lake. There are many famous tourist attractions. It is an ancient cultural city in China. There are many film and television bases. I have been there to shoot three kingdoms TV dramas. Wuxi is a very excellent tourist city in China. You can have a look at it later. It has been known as the land of fish and rice since ancient times. Its main industries include industry and tourism, which has driven the development of tourism Urban development and progress. Last year, Wuxi's annual economic income reached 1 trillion yuan.

Ten, Zhoushan

Zhoushan is a port city, ranking first in port throughput this year over Shanghai. Moreover, Zhoushan also has the largest commodity trade center, mainly including three areas of fishery, tourism and ports, which drive its rapid economic development and become one of the ten richest cities in China. Zhoushan in China has the reputation of fishing capital. There is a very large seafood processing and sales base, which has developed a strong port economy.