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Signs of bowel cancer? If you have any of these symptoms, check it quickly and be careful about your

Cancer is a serious threat to people's lives. If it can be found in the early stage, the probability of complete cure is actually very high, but in the early stage, the symptoms are not obvious and easy to be found.

At the beginning, many patients had some small problems of diarrhea or constipation, which didn't have a great impact on the body, so they never paid attention to them, and didn't take any measures to relieve them. As a result, they became colon cancer after a long time. Even if you go to the hospital for examination, it's just some ordinary routine examinations, and you don't usually do enteroscopy, but this kind of examination can accurately diagnose the disease. However, when the symptoms of three less and two changes appear, we need to do enteroscopy as soon as possible.

Three less

Less beneficial bacteria. If there are less beneficial bacteria in the intestine, harmful bacteria will increase, and neutral bacteria will also deteriorate, resulting in constipation or colorectal cancer and other diseases.

Prebiotics decreased. It is mainly to help probiotics to reproduce and enhance combat effectiveness. If there are fewer prebiotics, there will be fewer probiotics and intestinal problems.

Less dietary fiber. When it enters the intestine, it will be absorbed and expanded, and at the same time, it will absorb the toxin in the fold part of the intestine to help the intestine peristalsis and prevent the occurrence of intestinal cancer.

Two changes

Change of defecation pattern. If the normal defecation has been very normal, suddenly changed, diarrhea or constipation, the disease may come. The tumor will narrow the intestine, so defecation will be difficult. If you have to expel it hard, it will lead to constipation.

Defecate shape changes. The intestine is usually fixed in width, so the stool discharged is also fixed. If it suddenly becomes thick or thin, it means that the intestine is abnormal. If there is a tumor in the intestine, it will narrow the intestine, and polyps will grow out, and the stool will be thin or there are traces on it.

When the body has these changes, we must pay attention to them, go to the hospital for colonoscopy in time, and confirm whether there is colorectal cancer, and treat it symptomatically.