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Do Pakistanis really give preferential treatment to Chinese tourists? Tourists who have been to tell

Before that, some netizens sent out their travels to Pakistan on the Internet, and Po took many photos with Pakistanis, saying that the Pakistanis are very friendly to the Chinese, as long as they hear that you are Chinese, they will give you a lot of preferential treatment and so on. Then there are other netizens who constantly express their opinions and agree. This makes many tourists who like to travel abroad more and more choose to travel to Pakistan.

After going to Pakistan, can Chinese tourists really get such high treatment? It can't be because we are Chinese, so do anything in Pakistan on our own. A tourist who has just been to Pakistan and has returned to China tells you that it's really naive, don't think too much!

First of all, Pakistan is one of China's allies. There is no doubt that in many open medium and large-scale occasions, Pakistan is definitely behind China. If China makes any significant move or decision, Pakistan is almost unconditionally on China's side, but the behavior of the country does not represent the Pakistani people Personal behavior, the Chinese tourist said, in Pakistan, they will also ask, are you from China?

If you answer yes, they are very friendly to you, but they also don't say that you must be invited to the home, which means that the service of the hotel is not good enough, which can only be said that we have too many assumptions, maybe they are friendly, which makes our tourists too imaginative!

Secondly, the public security in Pakistan is not very good. In the streets of Pakistan, we can see some armed police patrolling the streets with guns, so Pakistan can not provide a very safe tourist environment for tourists. What's more, it's impossible that the goods sold by Pakistan to Chinese tourists are special prices. Pakistan is a non economic country Often backward countries, then they naturally know that Chinese tourists are very rich. Even if they don't intentionally raise prices, they can't reduce prices for Chinese tourists. This is the nature of businessmen, not from which country.

So when we go to Pakistan to play, we must not regard ourselves as other people. What a distinguished guest, it's not good to make a joke when we can avoid it. At least, they are quite friendly to the Chinese people, so that's enough!