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How to eat red beans? How to eat red beans can nourish the face, remove moisture?

Red bean porridge is a breakfast made of red beans. Red bean contains more dietary fiber, which has good functions of moistening intestines, defecating, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, regulating blood sugar, detoxifying and anticancer, preventing stones, and reducing weight.

Red beans, also known as adzuki beans and red beans, are common small grains that mature in autumn. Red beans also contain a variety of inorganic salts and trace elements, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, etc. The nutritional composition of red bean is similar to the familiar mung bean, some even surpass mung bean. Red bean has a high medicinal and good health care function. Now let's have a look!

1. Red beans and peanuts matching: peanuts are known as "longevity fruit". Both peanuts and red beans contain a large number of amino acids, which play the role of brain tonifying and brain building, and can also supplement sufficient nutrition, and play the role of kidney and body building.

2. Red beans and red dates: red dates and red beans cook porridge together, double the effect of nourishing blood, often drinking this porridge, can nourish Qi and blood, nourish your appearance, make your complexion more ruddy, hands and feet no longer cold, and know your health early.

3. Red beans and job's tears: red beans and job's tears congee is the most healthy congee, job's tears is a natural 'dehumidification tool', which can effectively drive away the body's dampness and toxin, and can play a role in invigorating the spleen and eliminating dampness, promoting water and swelling, clearing away heat and toxin. Regular drinking red beans and job's tears congee can play a role in removing dampness and toxin, and regular drinking is very beneficial to health.

Specific methods of red bean and job's tears porridge:

1. Soak job's tears and red beans in warm water for half a day;

2. Wrap the crane grass with gauze;

3. Decortication and soaking of jujube;

4. Put job's tears, red beans, Agrimonia and jujube into the pot;

5. Add water to make porridge, and sprinkle sugar to taste.

Red beans and job's tears porridge is a common family porridge, the main material is red beans and job's tears, the main cooking technology is cooking. It has the functions of hemostasis, heat clearing and detoxification. Coix is rich in nutrition. It contains many kinds of amino acids such as coix seed oil, coix seed fat, sterol, amino acid, arginine, vitamin B1, carbohydrate and other nutrients. Eating more can benefit water, dispel dampness, strengthen the spleen, stop diarrhea, clear away heat and detoxify.