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Can ceramic tile beautiful seam be made by oneself? What are the detailed construction steps?

Now the floor is paved with ceramic tiles at home. The splicing of ceramic tiles needs beautiful sewing. Beautiful sewing has two main functions, one is to fill the seams, the other is to decorate. Instead of the traditional white cement, the American seaming agent fills the gap of the ceramic tile, so that there is no dust in the ceramic tile. At the same time, for the space like kitchen and toilet, there is also a waterproof barrier. In addition, the beauty sewing agent has a better decorative effect. The beauty sewing agent has different colors for you to choose from. You can match according to your own home style to create a more beautiful new house.

A lot of owners invite people to do the beautiful sewing. It costs thousands of dollars. What I want to say here is that the beautiful sewing is not difficult at all. The following small edition will share the construction steps of the beautiful joint:

1. Choose the right color

Many people think that the first step is to clean up the cracks. In fact, I still suggest that the first step is to choose the color. Because after all, it is a beautiful sewing agent, and half of its functions are decorative, so we should choose a good color.

For example, what you often see now is golden yellow. In addition, there are family bathrooms, which use dark gray tiles. Then you can use white seaming agent to make a color difference, which looks very beautiful.

2. Ceramic tile gap cleaning

This is essential. The gap must be cleaned before the next step can be carried out. Otherwise, the later tackifier may fall off easily.

3. Pasted paper

When pasting, it is pasted according to the edge of the ceramic tile, and it must be close to the edge of the ceramic tile. If it is pasted into the gap of the ceramic tile, it will be very troublesome to clean the back; if there is a ceramic tile edge exposed and not pasted, then after cleaning, the edge of the ceramic tile will be stained with the beautiful seaming agent.

4. Installation of glue gun and application of sewing agent

In fact, this step is relatively simple. In addition, it needs to be noted that many people have heard that the previous paragraph of the seaming agent should be discarded and not used. This is because the mouth of the seaming agent bottle may be deteriorated due to contact with the air. If it is used directly, the seaming effect will be affected.

5, pressure joint

We will use the caulking ball, and the operation is very simple. There are different sizes of caulking balls. We need to choose the right caulking balls according to the size of the ceramic tile joints.

6. Maintenance period

Perfect sewing agent, of course, is to enter the maintenance period, the general recommendation is 24 hours, during which do not use beauty sewing agent.

7. Cleaning work

Finally, the cleaning work is to remove the masking paper, shovel off the excess masking agent, and then basically the effect will come out. If there is a small amount of masking agent on the ceramic tile, it can be cleaned carefully. This is done, isn't it very simple?